Dissolve Pain and Stress- Quantum Stilus Water

Robert Labensart, CHT, CMT, RYT




*Dissolve Pain and Stress- Quantum Stilus Energized Water

I am amazed at how deep acting and transformative these remedies are.  These techniques below have evolved from working with my clients and on myself. A Canadian scientist and a Master Herbalist specializing in Chinese Herbology designed these the quantum stilus water remed
ies. He feels that he energetic therapeutic effects of these remedies start from your DNA, and include all your cells, organs and your subtle bodies. Many of my clients are reporting results within days or weeks from these unique therapeutic remedies.  Give it 3 months to a year to see effects. Results vary. See my website for more information on drinking and buying these potent health producing remedies. For an experiment, I  briefly sprayed the Quantum Stilus Water Remedies on over 400 clients who had told me about where they felt pain and as  they focused on remembering a specific event with unresolved upsetting feelings. The pain and stress they had felt were remarkably lessened within minutes with everyone but two people.

  Less is more.

  You can experience positive results just by semi-consistently spraying and drinking the quantum water without using any of the following techniques.

*Results increase when you combine drinking the quantum stilus spray water along with spraying it over time. Email me if you want more information on what remedies are in each of the 18 quantum stilus wands.

1. Spray the Quantum Stilus water remedies on:

A. Spray quantum water remedies anywhere and observe their effects that can happen within seconds to 45 minutes.

B. Areas of pain:  To increase circulation to the area of pain also spray above, below, or to the side of it. The pain relieving effects may last minutes to days depending on many factors. Experiment with different quantum stilus remedies. Many of my clients with chronic pain have reported that each time they sprayed the remedy it gave them needed pain relief. Spray and drink the energy remedies as needed.

C. Specific Places to Spray:

*Acupuncture points  (I have found that spraying (glass spray bottles preferred) on different acupuncture formula points to be heighten their effectiveness for pain and stress). In a session, I can show you specific acupuncture formula(s) to spray on yourself which will help with health or stress.  For example, Stomach 36, Liver 3 and LI-4 is a wonderful combination to help your digestion and your immune system.

* Hands (reflexes to every acupuncture point in your body)

*  Feet  (72,000 nerves)

* Joints of the body (ankle, elbow, shoulder hip for example) Spraying the remedy while moving your body increases its therapeutic effects. Spray and then rub or massage  that area to deepens its effects.

* Spine  

 * Head or Brain   (connects to entire body)

* Chakras 

* Face, forehead (energetically connects to amygdala which houses unresolved trauma and stress).

D. More Specifics:

*The number of sprays (1-7) has a direct effect in deepening its therapeutic effects.

* Heat up a small amount of remedy in pot (don’t use microwave) and put it in your spray bottle. Use the warm water to spray.  Very Relaxing.

* Balancing acupuncture meridians to clear pain and stress:

* For example, when I spray the remedies on the acupuncture points I spray once on one point, twice on the next acupuncture point and three times on the next acupuncture point. This increases the flow of the meridian while balancing it.  ( For example, first spray Large Intestine 3, then Large Intestine 4,  and then Large Intestine 11). In your next session I can give you acupuncture formulas to help ease pain and stress.

* Helps balance the Acupuncture Meridians to Remove Pain and Increase Health and Vitality:  Spray the back of your hands up towards your shoulders and then spray from the inside of your arms towards your palms. ( helps bring balance and vitality to six meridians in your arms)   Spray down the outside and back of your legs and Spray on points up the inside of your legs (helps bring balance and health to six meridians supporting health of six organs of your body.

* After you spray, you can deepen its effects by:  Gently or firmly massaging, tapping gently on the area for 7 -16 seconds, acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy (see my website for a blog on how to do it) or just gently sandwiching the area for 7 seconds to 3 minutes (Polarity Therapy).

* Important Information:  Keep your quantum stilus water away from direct sunlight and at least 10 feet away from a microwave. The life force energies in the water last up to 6 months.

E. Spray the remedy into your mouth and hold it there for 8-16 seconds or more (similar to homeopathy where you have the remedy under your tongue and it is directly absorbed into your bloodstream). Spray 1-7 sprays.


2. Yoga and Qigong with Quantum Stilus Water Remedies:

I have found tremendous results in using these remedies while doing my yoga and qigong practices.  For example, you can spray them and then do a yoga pose. Repeat before and after each pose.

If you have a strong interest in yoga and qigong, I recommend one  session  where I can show you many ways to use it with your yoga and or qigong practice.  This is one of the most amazing breakthroughs in accelerating the anti-aging and self-transformation effects of yoga and qigong that I’ve ever come across.

3. Natural Bristle Brush: Spray the remedies on your arms and then use a natural bristle brush.

Our bodies eliminate up to a pound of toxins through the skin each day.  If the pores are clogged this doesn’t happen and strains our internal organs. When you use the brush and you rub towards the heart it helps clear lactic acid or you can rub in the direction of the acupuncture meridian flow.  Feels invigorating!

4. Combine spraying different quantum formulas with Massage Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Cold Lasers, and Trager therapy, Reiki. Spray the remedy and then massage it rhythmically. This will deepen their effects.

5. Soak hands in water: Put a small amount of stilus water in a place zip lock bag and put your hands in it. Works wonders.

6. Soak feet in quantum water: Heat stilus water in a pot and then put it in a small amount in plastic water basin. This works on the 72,000 nerves in your feet and helps with acute and chronic health challenges.  Where: computer, reading, eating, TV. The first time I did it my feet felt so relaxed.

7. Netti pot or spray in Nostrils: One of my clients was suffering severe sinusitis and  drank a small amount of Inflam-x,  while spraying it on his body and it was gone within minutes.  Spray the remedy up your nose or use in a Netti pot. Keep remedy clean by not drinking from the bottle to avoid contamination. Results do vary.

8. How to deepen the healing effects of the Quantum Stilus Remedies:

Spray and or drink the Quantum Stilus water while feeling gratefulness, smile, repeat affirmations, mantra, mindfulness or prayer: This deepens the healing and transforming effects wonderfully.

9. Eye cup: Use water in eye cup and it helps relax eyes.   Inflam-x,  De-stress or 

Super Antioxident – x.

10. Brush your teeth with Cleanse-or Super Anti-oxidant.

11. Helps Improve Digestion and help with Weight Loss:  Spray or drink 1-3 sips of Digest-x with Candiida, De-Stress, 4 Allies, Blood Sugar X or Cleanse-X before or after eating- Helps clear stress connected with using food to manage your emotions. Helps with Eating Disorders.

12. Spray while hiking or working out:

After hiking long distances my legs become tired. I spray the remedy on one leg and within minutes it feels lighter and stronger. My other leg felt heavier and stiffer. The effects of spraying on my legs may last minutes to hours depending on many factors. Spray 4 Allies or Acupuncture-x with Adoptogen-X .

13. Helps Dissolve Stress and Insomnia:

Try spraying and drinking De-Stress, Taoist Well Being or 4 Allies, Fem-X or Menopause-X or Forever-Young to help with upsetting feelings and insomnia.

14. Quantum Stilus remedies for your dog or cat:

I’ve already had several of my clients whose dogs and cats love the quantum stilus water remedies for their pain (for example arthritis in the hip- Inflam-X ) or health conditions. You can also put the remedy in their water or on your hand and as you pet them. One of my clients just told me her elderly cat had allergies and a sinus infection and didn’t want to be petted as was sneezing constantly.  She gave him Inflam-X in his drinking bowl and within 24 hours the allergies and sinus infection were gone.

Important Insight to significantly increasing these remedies therapeutic effects:

Doctors and scientists have observed that our body get used to an issue (for example shoulder pain) and because of other priorities (keeping your heart, brain, immune system alive and functioning,  ) it may take awhile for your body to naturally eliminate pain.  ( homeosthasis effect) When you press or move an area of your body that is painful or stiff, parts of your brain light up and become more aware that there is a problem area. When you then spray or drink the quantum stilus remedy, the body absorbs the energetic nutrition and healing remedies while re-programming the brain and giving it remedies to help resolve the pain. This will increase the effects of the quantum stilus remedies significantly.

One reason why the quantum water remedies affect your whole body?

Scientists have found x-ray tracings throughout the body after the test subject washed their hands with soap that had the tracings in it. This means that whatever touches our skin travels throughout our whole body. The quantum stilus water remedies will travel throughout your whole body.

Quantum Stilus Remedy Details: ( email me if you want the specifics on each remedy)

Inflamm-X Stilus contains over 200 formulas & nutraceuticals geared specially for joints, connective tissue, inflammation & blood stagnation (injuries). Inflammation is from either too much positive charge or too much negative charge. When there is a lack of blood flow (usually from an injury new or old), which is called blood stagnation in Chinese medicine. This helps alleviates pain and accelerates the process. In Inflamm-X there is recorded nearly every nutraceutical, supplements &/or formulas/ herbs for arthritis (all types) from the web such as: glucosamine, chondroitin, msm, CO2 extract of curcumin.  In Chinese medicine the kidneys & liver also govern these issues so it also contains literally “every” Chinese formula for joints & inflammation, including formulas for wind imbalances. “


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