*Dear Pet Lover,

I have a cattle dog and 6 cats.  Immediately after I began using the quantum stilus-energized waters Robert sells and uses, I began using them on my pets.  He is an exceptional healer and massage therapist that I highly recommend going to for acute or chronic pain or stress.

The first of my pets to receive a stylus water was my now almost-20-year-old cat.  When she bent over the water, she touched her nose to the top and pulled back just a bit, seeming somewhat astonished.  She paused there for a moment, looking intently at it, then bent over and drank for a very long time.

The same thing happened with my youngest cat–now about 1 and 1/2 years old.  The first time she had it, she touched her nose to it, lifted her head a bit as she seemed to ponder, then lowered and drank.


My dog, a bit more action-oriented, started drinking, then stopped and lifted her head, looking at me curiously.  I told her, ‘”It’s OK; it’s GOOD for you.”  She lowered her head and drank.

The next thing I did was to use the Inflam-X as a spray on my dog’s paw.  She is bothered periodically by something on her left rear paw.  She started licking it and I told her, “Here…let’s try this.”  I reached for the spray bottle and sprayed the foot with it.  I wasn’t sure if she would accept it because she doesn’t like to be wet. She waited a few seconds, put the paw down, and offered me her RIGHT rear paw for spraying.

I almost always give my 20-year old cat the stylus waters for drinking, and I usually give my mostly-indoors kitties and dog the same.  I sometimes use a mixture, other times give just one water.  When they are contentious with each other–pissy or territorial–I give them Taoist Well-Being, and they settle down.

My dog has itchiness in both ears.  I have sprayed around the ears and sometimes IN the ears with Inflam-X, but she doesn’t like the feeling of being sprayed IN the ears, so, more often, I spray my finger well and rub it around inside the ears and she settles down.

The most recent thing I’ve done with the waters involved my 20-year old cat.  She started sneezing fiercely and I thought she had developed an allergy to the medicine I must give her for her kidneys.  I purchased a homeopathic remedy for allergies and gave it to her twice with no results.  Then, during one of her sneezing fits, I noticed something thin and needle-like projecting from her left nostril.  I reached out and pulled it.  Out came a long, sharp-ended piece of grass with pus on the end.  She was extremely  sensitive around the face on that side due to the infection and I immediately gave her only Inflam-X for drinking that day and the next.  In less than 24 hours, she wanted firm petting on the side that had been sore the day before.

I consider these waters nothing short of miraculous.  I am very happy with them for myself, and my pets prove their value.  It either works, or doesn’t with an animal.  There is no “…well, maybe they are helping,” with a pet.

I sincerely hope you consider using Robert’s skills and the Stilus-energized water  for yourself and your pets.  I think you will find his skills amazing, and the Stilus water a wonderful addition to your alternative health tool kit.


Sheila J. Gilmore


Robert Labensart, CMT, CHT, RYT


If you have any questions about the Quantum Stilus Energy Waters for your pet or  if you want  to experience how effective they are in dissolving pain and stress  in a massage therapy session (offices in Santa Rosa, Petaluma and San Rafael, CA) ,  please email me at robertlabensart@gmail.com. Thank you.


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