Cellular Release Therapy

Based on the work of Anne Drucker CCHT, my teacher-

Cellular Release Therapy allows for deep releasing and clearing of trauma, past pain, repressed memories and dysfunctional beliefs. This occurs through a series of questions and instructions spoken directly to the subconscious mind while the client is in a trance. Our subconscious mind knows everything that has happened to us. It knows how to heal and transform effortlessly whatever traumatic experiences, upsetting feelings and sabotaging habits. This transformation usually happens without having to re-experience the original trauma. This process works with releasing from the client’s subconscious and cellular memories those beliefs, experiences, feeling, habits, imprints connected with a specific theme. (This theme is developed out of the dialogue at the beginning of each session.)

I work with the protocol as developed and trademarked by Anne DeChenne Drucker C.Ht in my practice. At the present time, I am the only Hypnotherapist trained in Cellular Release Therapy by Anne Drucker in Santa Rosa and in Northern California.


How can Cellular Release Therapy release and clear so much emotional stress without having to re-experience it?

One of my clients who had been smoking for twenty years had quit previously for about a year using hypnosis (from another Hypnotherapist.) We did three sessions of Cellular Release Therapy and she felt as if she had never smoked before. Completely gone!

Another example: A client experienced years of emotional abuse from her parents. After five sessions, she felt that her emotional trauma was completely purged. This inner freedom and peace strengthened her self-confidence and established healthy boundaries that resulted in a transformed relationship with her mother.

The subconscious mind knows everything that has happened to you, including how to release and clear any and all trauma without having to re-experience it.



  • Clearing Trauma and its impact on our body and our energy systems
  • Dissolving the continuing harmful effects of emotional issue
  • Dissolving habits and addictions
  • Clearing the underlying cause of weight and eating issues
  • Weight Loss
  • Issues of success/failure/sabotage
  • Overcoming rejection
  • Dissolving the cellular and emotional effects behind physical injuries and persistent physical conditions.
  • Releasing and clearing the original cause whether in this life or your past lives.(see perspective below)

Perspective: I saw a show on Nightline where a psychiatrist was getting excellent results doing hypnosis on clearing trauma and addictive behavior from his client’s by working on what supposedly happened in their past lives. Prior to this, nothing he did gave his client’s very little results. He felt that past lives, whether they exist or not, is really a metaphor or a inner challenge in a person’s subconscious mind. When he helped his clients meet this inner challenge with hypnosis, significant beneficial changes were made in their lives.

Releasing and clearing: any programming of your cells when you were in your mother’s womb that was imprinted directly into the immature nervous system that is still limiting you.
Releasing and clearing of all the specific feelings, beliefs, imprints and impressions involved in the traumatic and painful experience



“The subconscious mind has unlimited ability to receive, record and store information, and to bring forth logical results based on this information, but it has no volition, per se. What the subconscious does not reject, it accepts as fact. So, for instance, in traumatic experiences, internal conclusions and beliefs and the self that result from these experiences, emotions, shock, fears and other data accumulate over the years, at some point it can make perfect sense to the subconscious mind to create an illness or disease of some sort in the body.

“The subconscious mind resides in every cell of the body, and the cells are continuously programmed from the moment of conception.”

“ The subconscious knows exactly how to completely heal the body, mind and emotions and because it has no volition, as such, it must be directed to do so.

“Cellular Release Therapy TM provides a means by which large amounts of this material can be cleared at once. This material can be specific to a certain issue or topic, which the client determines s/he is ready to have change. By this means the healing can take place incrementally, or in layers, at a pace that honors the client’s own sense of time and safety, while at the same time accelerating the healing process. As this clearing takes place, it progressively decontaminates the natural intelligence of the body/mind.”

“The subconscious knows how to clear the emotional charge from this memory. The client does not lose the memory or the experience, only the emotional charge and /or pain. The energy that has been held in the form of these feelings releases from that form and integrates back into the energy system. We are literally recovering and reclaiming all the parts of ourselves that have been frozen, shattered, fragmented, suppressed, or lost to us in some way. In this process we are becoming whole again.” from Cellular Release Therapy Workbook, Anne DeChenne Drucker, C.C.Ht.

“Cellular Release Therapy TM provides a way, in a single session, to clear experiences from many different lifetimes that may be contributing to a current condition or situation.” Ann Drucker

Note: Cellular Release Therapy TM is a energetic, emotional and spiritual modality and it not intended in any way to replace professional medical or psychological diagnosis, advice or treatment. I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat any medical or psychological condition. Please feel free to consult your doctor or mental health professional.