*Pain relief techniques – shoulder & arm – qigong, acupressure, trigger point therapy
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1) Shoulder release exercise from the chiropractor for the Denver Broncos: This increases circulation to the nerves and lymph nodes in your armpit, which helps dissolve pain and increase your shoulder flexibility.

Place your right hand on top of your right shoulder. Lift up your elbow vertically with your left hand. Gently lift it up to the point of stiffness not pain. Lift up your whole arm and let it drop gently on the back. Repeat: “good job” (repeat any positive affirmations towards yourself) and gradually build up to the number of years old you are. Repeat this with your other arm.

2) Acupressure for arm and shoulder pain:
Bend your right hand towards your body. Press your thumb in your elbow crease where it may be tender or painful. Move your arm in clockwise and counterclockwise circles while maintaining firm pressure on the acupuncture point. Large Intestine 11 (acupuncture point) helps bring circulation and relieve pain from your navel to your head. It especially helps relief elbow, arm and shoulder pain.

3) Qigong exercise from my teacher, Zhu Xilin:
*Make small or large circles with your fingertips leading your whole arm
(Make these circles both clockwise and counterclockwise moving fast or slow. Listen to your body) (30 seconds to 1-2 minutes)
• Make small or large circles with your wrist leading the movement. Allow the rest of your arm to relax. (Never go to the point of pain) (Clockwise and counter-clockwise circles moving fast or slow)
• Make small or large circles with your elbow leading the movement. Allow the rest of your arm to relax. (Clockwise and counter-clockwise circles moving fast or slow).
• Start with one arm at a time. Then practice both arms simultaneously.
• Notice (afterwards) the tingling sensation of increased blood and life force flowing in 6 meridians. This helps 6 organs of your body energetically. Raise your arm and notice how light it is compared to your other arm, which you haven’t done yet. Tightness or blockage of life force in the meridians of your arms is a major contributor to shoulder and neck pain.

Practice Effortless breathing from my Utube video. When you breathe shallowly the shoulders come forward, which can over time irritate the muscles in your shoulder causing constriction or pain. By breathing deeper you help eliminate a major cause of shoulder pain.

Practice trigger point therapy on your arm and upper shoulder- see my blog on my website. Listen to your body and don’t go to deep.

Practice Crystal Acu-therapy on your hand, arm, shoulder- see my blog on my website. Drink plenty of spring, filtered or reverse osmosis water.

• Buy and use the Guardian Angel Acu-therapy device and use it on your hand, arm, shoulder and back. See blog and Store on my website.

Guardian Angel Acu-therapy device

• Perhaps schedule an appointment at one of my offices if your pain or stiffness doesn’t go away. I can share with you more detailed guidance of different acupuncture points, yoga and qigong postures and massage therapy techniques to work on and relieve your shoulder pain or pain anywhere in your body in a session. Book a Skype video session so I can guide you to hopefully dissolving your shoulder pain or pain anywhere in
your body.

• These techniques do not substitute for proper medical intervention when needed. If pain doesn’t subside, please also consider going to a chiropractor or medical doctor. Thank you.

Disclaimer: These approaches to life’s challenges are provided for educational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult your doctor first. Results are variable and testimonials are anecdotal. Thanks. They do treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.