Why not laugh in joy clearing waves?

Freeing oneself from limiting constraints,

Why not let your tears fall?

Cleansing grief stored in ancient’s castles and dungeons within,

Of unwept rooms of sadness for what we have done to ourselves, to others.

On the unwept grave of our inner child, long ago forgotten.

Allow your awareness to each moment to arise,

Embrace all you have been and are with compassion.

Loss and gain,

Life end death,

So much unnecessary fear.

You dance with yourself in whatever happens in life,

Or shall you continue to identify with your judgments based on the lie of separation?

So much love can flow through us,

So much peace is within our being.


Heart turning anguish,

In silent faces, with no one there,

Why don’t we answer their cries?

Their needs are so little – simple food, a warm bed, their health care needs met,

So much plenty in the hands of the few,

It will never make any sense the cruelty of greed’s choice,

Karmic consequences the rich will see too late.

It deprives so many, so little do they have.

Why stay blind when there is so much to realize, to share from the heart?

Awaken now!

Sleeping hearts and minds, arouse yourself to task of creating a society based on kindness,

If only we wake up now to a love so pure and so free,

In our Soul’s vast expanse,

A peace untouched by the chaos of life.

The freedom to love a gift blessing all,

Let’s all now walk the revolutionary path of kindness,

To yourself and to all,

Live simply spreading joy by reaching out,

Only meeting yourself in the faces and hearts of each one you meet,

Joining hands and hearts in liberating those in need from their plight,

Be still like the earth’s ever -peaceful ageless presence,

Dissolve now the paper chains of attachments that cannot hold you any more.

We have the power, the power of love,

Of love speaking out with non violent dissent,

Of action taken for our earth and all before its too late,

Is it too late, perhaps?

Yet the solution lies in loving sweat upon our brow,

Of gentle reaching out of our heart’s sweetest presence,

In working together, a family of the One,

Heaven can exist within,

On the streets, in homes and across the land.

There is little that cannot be done by a generous heart and the undaunted spirit,

Existing always in our being.

Grace illuminates the miracle of touching and being touched by another,

Fused together by the song of being that embraces all.

Determined to create,

Mystery creates each new step onward,

Towards our unknown  limitless potential.

Caring for the heart’s softness within and in all,

Allowing inner strength to propel us onward,

Guided by wisdom’s song,

We are all one,

We are each preciously unique,

Sing my heart of the ocean’s vastness,

Upon the shores of life’s moments, I travel.


Robert Labensart, CMT, CHT, RYT

Online  Mediation, Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Qigong Sessions anywhere in U.S.