Bach Remedies for Pain and Stress Relief, Robert Labensart, CMT,CHT, RYT

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*Dr. Bach’s flower remedies (flower essence) are found in almost every health food store in the U.S.  I have talked with hundreds of people these last 40 years who have had wonderful results from using them.

For example, one of my clients experienced major depression and lack of self- esteem from her emotional abusive in her childhood. She applied Pine 30C to different areas on her skin according to New Bach Flower Body Maps, by Dietmar Kramer.  She felt the depression and lingering guilt lift.  After three doses of this remedy she felt she was a changed woman without depression and guilt. The major changes in her life came quickly, including a lifelong partner.

Dr. Bach was so intuitive that he would place a leaf of a plant in his mouth and  would intuitively know how it would it help a person mentally and emotionally. He came up with 39 basic personality types with remedies to help transform the limitations in the personality.  For example, Mimulus can help you clear known fears, anxieties, phobias that are adversely affecting you. This remedy helps you become more centered and confident. Holly helps dissolve anger, frustration, and sibling rivalry into love, forgiveness and compassion.  An excellent book on Bach flower remedies is Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer.

I work with my clients with the work of the Bach Therapy Body maps.  Almost all pain has an emotional component to it.  For example, I find which remedy corresponds to the specific site of re-current lower back pain, migraines, gastritis, etc.  I either apply 30C or 200C depending on a number of factors.  Many of my clients have found this has helped them to free themselves from the pain more quickly and comfortably. Also, Bach remedies 30C can help lift depression, dissolve unresolved frustrations and fears. I have many times in a massage or hypnotherapy session used these bach flower essences 30C topically with wonderful  results for my clients.

Bach Remedies  30C are many times stronger than what you can purchase in a health food store. Dr. has found applying the remedy topically in certain specific areas has given even deeper results than taking the remedy orally.

If you interested in exploring this, come in for a therapy session. The first two times we use a Bach remedy topically, it’s complementary. After this, I have a minimal charge of $5 each time you want to experience Bach Remedy’s healing effects after a session in my office.  If you would like to purchase a set of 3-4 Bach flower remedies for your own home use it’s only $15. plus tax and shipping. Please contact me at if you’re interested.  Thank you.

Dear Robert,

Help for Repetitive Shoulder Pain

As I said the other day, I am very pleased with the results I have had using the Bach Flower remedies 30C on my upper arm and shoulder.  I realized a few months ago that I had been repetitively injuring that area for many years.  I could no longer ignore the pain.  I stopped doing the movements which had been causing the problem, and that changed how I do my weekly travel. I then was left with a very sore and painful arm.  When I spoke of it to you, you made me an elixir in a dropper bottle with four Bach Flower remedies and gave me several options regarding how to apply it. I chose to use Ho-o-pono-pono and have used it daily on the area, rubbing as I say the words (and smiling).I am very happy to say that my arm is almost like new!  I am amazed at how much healing I have had, since past experience has taught me that, once an injury occurs, that area is impaired from then on. I thank you for recommending and making the Bach Flower remedy mixture, and for telling me how best to use it.

Many thanks.

Sheila Gilmore


*Disclaimer: Consult your medical doctor before use.  Bach Remedies do not substitute for medical advice and treatment  and do not heal, treat or cure any disease or pain. Results  do vary. Bach Remedies have not been evaluated by the FDA> Testimonials are anecdotal. Thank you.