Dissolving pain and stress with Advanced Tachyon Technology products

Robert Labensart, CMT,CHT,RYT


*Developed through personal experimentation and intuitive vision while working with my clients and their feedback.

1. Effects of Ear acupuncture with Advanced Tachyon discs: gently rub one of  the discs clockwise (75% of the time) and counterclockwise (25%) over the ear. This stimulates the 160 acupuncture points in the ear which help the brain increase the health of the body.  Do this for 1-3 minutes. See www. Advanced tachyon technologies.com for specific information on how the Tachyon discs access light traveling faster than the speed of light.

2. VAK Technique. When you look up, you access the visual cortex of the brain. According the NLP, when you look horizontally, you access the auditory part of the brain. When you look down you access feelings and sensory input. When you gently move your eyes back and forth looking up (visual memories accessing), horizontally (accessing what you’ve heard) and down (accessing your feelings), you are allowing the tachyon energy to flow into every experience you’ve ever had. It is important to combine this with positive thoughts, affirmations, mantra, prayer, or mindfulness.

3. Balancing and strengthening acupuncture meridian flows: Gently put Tachyon disc under the fingernails. These are wonderful access points for the meridian energy system.  They put light energy into 6 organs and up the arms into your shoulders and head. Hold gently on acupuncture points or move clockwise or counterclockwise above the fingertips for 1-10 minutes.

4.Vision therapy and Dissolving Stress: Watch the Tachyon disc as you move it close to your nose and away from your body. Gently blink your eyes to relax them. Helps improve over time peripheral vision.

5. Tachyon discs balancing specific Acupuncture meridians: Trace with the Tachyon disc the meridian chi or life force lines above the body (1-3 feet) or close (1-3 inches) to the body. For example, down the outside of the legs and up the inside of the legs works on the gall bladder, stomach, liver, kidney, spleen and pancreas meridians. Do this for 2-7 minutes.

6.Tachyon Discs with Polarity Therapy, by Dr. Stone:

Place your right hand on Tachyon discs on the mid line or any joint of the body (for example, the navel, knee or elbow and the left hand on part of the body where there is pain or a health challenge (with or without a disc). Gently hold the discs for 2-10 minutes. Your body’s energy flows from the right hand to the left hand. The disc amplifies these therapeutic effects considerably.

7. Energetically stimulate all the acupuncture points by working on your hands- from Dr. Koryo: Rub Discs or Stargate Tachyon device between palms and then gently on back of hands until warm. (Tachyon products access and utilize light that goes faster than light and does not use any electricity at all)

8.  Write or draw the Reiki symbols on the discs.

9. Schedule a massage session with Robert at his offices in Santa Rosa, Petaluma or Corte Madera to experience the Tachyon Discs and the Stargate Tachyon devices (a very potent Tachyon energy device) along with a wonderful therapeutic massage or deep tissue session. If you’re interested in buying these Tachyon discs from me  you can email me or buy it directly from www. Advanced Tachyon Technologies.com.

Disclaimer: Advanced Tachyon products do not treat or cure any disease or health condition and do not substitute for proper medical care and intervention.  Testimonies are anectodal only and do not represent what you may experience. Results vary. Check with your medical provider first before using these approaches.

Listen to your body and  don’t overdo it.