Pain relief and deep relaxation with The Original Chi Machine –

Robert Labensart, CMT,CHT, RYT

*Initially, start with 3-4 minutes on the Chi Machine. Gradually build up to 10-20 minutes. Listen to your body. Initial side effects may include: workout soreness or discomfort. Excessive time may irritate knees and cause pain for a small percentage of people. If pain persists from its use, discontinue use.

For people 65-70 and over, I recommend you limit the chi machine to only 3-5 minutes each time. This will still give you many healing benefits.


1. It’s important to have a pillow to support both knees so that there is no irritation of the inner muscles of your knee as your body rocks back and forth.  Place a towel on the Chi machine so your ankles feel more comfortable.

The body will gently release stored stress. My clients and I have found exceptional results from the Chi machine including deep relaxation, dissolving stress and pain, stronger immune system, etc. It is important to drink water after your session on the Chi Machine.

2. Bring both your feet to a vertical position for 5-12 seconds and then release holding it in that position. Notice how your whole body, especially the lower back, is rocking back and forth even more. Repeat.  Listen to your body as far as how many repetitions that you do. Never go to the point of pain. Slowly increase repetitions in every one of these approaches.  Notice how your body is rocking back and forth more fluidly.The rocking gently massages you.

3. Now tighten (isometrics) both your feet into a fist for 3-5 seconds and then release it.  Slowly tighten your calf’ muscles (firm but not too tight) for 3 seconds and then release it.  Then tighten your thighs into a contracted position- release for 3-5 seconds and then release it. Tighten your buttock muscles then release. This not only tones your muscles throughout your body, but helps dissolve pain. Selectively tightening and releasing specific muscles groups is an exercise that Olympic athletes practice. The Chi machine increases its effects of isometrics. If there is any pain, don’t do this approach.

4. Bellows yoga pose: To help remove pain or stiffness in your lower back: As you exhale, bring your right knee up to your check and hold it with your arms. Hold for 5- 8 seconds. As you exhale, then bring your right leg back on the chi machine.

Now as you exhale, raise your left knee to your chest and hold for 5- 8 seconds. Repeat this yoga pose up to 8 repetitions. This is helps clear lower back pain, sciatica, and helps your whole body relax even more. Don’t overdo it.

5. Now make a large V with your feet as you rock back and forth. This helps the hips to release. Hold for 5 seconds approx. and then let it go. Repeat.

6. To help release pain and stiffness in neck: Now move your head towards your shoulder very slowly as your rocking back and forth. Move your head towards your other shoulder very slowly as your rocking back and forth. Stop if you feel tightness or pain. Then move it back in the other direction till you feel no pain. Wait one minute or more and see if you can move your head past that point of pain or stiffness. If the pain persists or is sharp, don’t do this exercise.

7. To relax even more: Hold your right hand covering your navel and your left hand on your forehead. Stay in this position comfortably for 1-3 minutes. This according to Dr. Stone, this will strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system and is relaxing.

8. One medical doctor commented that 10 minutes on the Chi machine is equal to one hour of lymph massage. Lymph helps cleanse our body of pain and inflammation and strengthens your immune system. May be helpful for sinus, allergies, colds, and coughs, pain.

9. As the original Chi machine rocks your body at 144 repetitions per minute, smile at different parts of your body. Smile, starting at your feet and continue up your body.  Smile until you feel that part of your body smiles back at you.

10. Do the Chi Machine in the evening to release the stress of the day. Some of my clients found this helped with insomnia.

Thank you.  If you’re interested in experiencing the Original Chi Machine  you may want to book a massage session at my office in Santa Rosa, Petaluma or San Rafael, California. My clients love the relaxing and pain relieving effects of the chi machine along with a massage or during a hypnotherapy session.  Please check out my website under Store, where I sell the original Chi machine.


Disclaimer: Consult your medical doctor before use. This does not substitute for medical advice and treatment and I do not claim that the Chi Machine treats, heals cures any disease.  These approaches to life’s challenges are provided for educational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult your doctor first. Results are variable and testimonials are anecdotal. Thanks.