Each moment is what you make of it , Why not smile in the face of whatever comes?

Inspired Meditative Poetry of the Soul


Allow who you really are, to be your most treasured friend,
You will experience the mystery of each moment,
Untouched by the ego’s dramas,
Heart-felt joy will spring with each step you take.

Doubt and frustrations will still come and go,

Embrace them as a friend in need of someone to talk to,

And within your dialogue with yourself allow love’s acceptance to shine,

Like the sun upon the evening seas,

And allow yourself to relax into the intensity of your fears and upsets,

By feeling the stillness within your breath,

Connect your breath to the ocean waves,

Washing upon the beach of your life,

Connect your breath to the rising of the morning sun,

Illuminating your being with confident joy.

Connect your breath to the One who breathes you constantly,

Who loving presence is always with you and within each and every moment?

Each moment is what you make of it,

Why not smile in the face of whatever comes?

Why not allow your awareness to your breath to center you?

Let your heart sing to the Divine Beloved,

Why not allow your level of patient confidence to grow?

Just face your fears smiling through them into the horizon beyond.

Just relax into your upsets diving deep within with each breath,

Just look through your unwanted feelings seeing how much they really want to be freed by love’s never ending embrace,

Aware of feelings as they and go,

Aware of the inner silence within,

As feelings dissolve in love’s flow.

We meet our Self as our most treasured inner friend

In the hearts of all we meet.


Robert Labensart, CHT, CMT, RYT


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