Intuitions flow from the Light of presence within,
Awaken and explore yourself in everyone.

Am I just projecting myself on you or meeting my past?

I want you to be there as yourself and me to be really here.

Why let vignettes of the past  blind me to who we really are?

They don’t really exist except as picture memories.

I allow myself to watch the ebb and flow of my feelings,

My attachments can be so sticky,

I keep on resisting just being there with all that is.

How long do I want to keep on playing the same role?

Outcomes seem so similar,

Why make it difficult to let go?

Who are you whose endless love dwells forever in my heart?

Mysterious joy arises from my being,

I can now let go of  limiting myself,

And just allow myself to be with you.

Why not dance in the light of awareness?

Why not free myself from limiting the freedom that unconditional love brings?

Timeless presence simultaneously bridges all that was, is and will be.

Exhaling into the silence,

Exhaling any need to limit the love within,

Exhaling my attachments,  so simply dissolved.

My heart presence  feels your Soul’s quiet endless joy,

In One many,

Centered breaths release,

In each moment just there,

Let’s dance life’s abundance presence,

In whatever that comes and goes.


Robert Labensart, CHT, CMT, RYT,

Online Skype Meditation, Yoga, Hypnotherapy Sessions, Qigong Sessions anywhere in U.S.