Allow the stillness of this moment to be,

By allowing the stillness with your breath to be,

As you allow yourself to dive into being aware just now.

Allow the softness of presence to transform this moment,

As you allow the vastness within each moment to become you.

Why not be aware of endless peace and joy?

How can you ever be limited unless you allow it?

How much of your life have you been asleep?

Is there anything worth the price of not feeling this ever-present awareness that expands you into all that is?





It is so easy to let go, if you only will allow it.

You are already there.

You never have left.

Lifetimes of feeling chained to ego’s dramas,

How much suffering do you really need to feel before you awaken?

Do you still want to repeat what doesn’t work?

Why do you need to feel separate from anyone?

Just allow yourself to let go resisting whatever sensations or feelings that arises and falls away.

And who really is making this journey?

Why have you waited so long?

The silence of who you really are.

Freed from all limitations,

Dissolves all bondages and reactions.

Untouched presence, forever one

Beyond your mind’s grasp and your word’s embrace,

Beyond all that you know and feel,

Awareness infinitely aware,

Endlessly being love,

An all -embracing ocean of which you really are,

Beyond silence is presence,

All your questions answered,

All your needs quenched,

All your fears, attachments and desired forever cleansed,



Why not venture into this unknown ever -free consciousness?

Why now let go of what limits you?

You need not go anywhere,

You already there,

You have nothing to do,

Effort and letting go, why not?

Wake up and allow the feedback that your body, mind and life gives you to guide  you.

Be in the silent embrace of each moment,

Allow thoughts and feelings to be waves that your awareness notices,


Allow your inner heart compassionate presence to be you.

Know that everyone is you.

Who knows the ever -present stillness within this moment?

Who is aware that you are aware?

Letting go of time, space and feelings,

Allowing timeless, effortless, thoughtless presence to be now,

Allow yourself to effortlessly merge into who am I who is endlessly aware,

Allow yourself to be endless love and peace,

Allowing you to go beyond thought,

Allowing you to go beyond all feeling,

Allowing you to go beyond all thought as you see right now,

Allowing you to effortlessly see and hear whatever is happening,

Allowing you to go beyond space and be that timeless awareness,

Why not be free?

Why not allow you to feel each moment and be happy now?

Why not see beyond whatever life’s dramas?

Allow the stillness of being to free you,

Allow the softness of presence to transform this moment,


Allow the vastness within each moment to be,

Nothing and no one can stop your from being who your really are eternally.

Why not be there for yourself and all that exists?

Why not feels compassion for others as you?

Who can love each and every moment that is?

Who is ever -free loving now?

Who dissolves the drama of separation?

Who are You who is there for yourself in each and every moment?

Why not love so deeply that your awareness merges with each and every moment of your life?

Ah this is to is God’s presence,

Ah, this is.

Where does this desire for being love and awareness come from?

What aren’t you?

Where are You not?

When are You not?

I am              You are

We are One

Let’s dance, sing and laugh together,

Ever free.

Ever -One.

Robert Labensart, CMT, CHT, RYT

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