The rose and thorn greets me as my life unfolds its drama.

How can I even let my attachment and desire history dissolve?

A tangled weave of what I resist, blinds me to what is.

Why do I continue to fight myself?

I pretend to limit the vastness of love’s embrace in how I am with others.

Enough, Is it enough?

My monkey mind’s gymnastic play exhausts me, confuses me.

And yet I awaken,

Within the silence of each moment,

I allow myself to be free.

Within the stillness of my awareness,

Peace transforms me.

Ah this too, is God.

Ah this too, is who I really am.

Within the presence of this moment, I am…

I am within all of my life’s moments,

I am within all of everyone’s life moments.

I am forever united with mystery,

With a Divine sweetness that melts all that is not love,

I  dive within this ocean of my being, now.

Deep within my Soul’s timeless presence all boundaries of mind dissolve,

I cannot continue to separate what is forever one.

Witnessing presence,

In the tidal flow of thoughts and feelings,

Witnessing stillness reflects compassion in each moment,

Witnessing, moments vanish into the silence of presence,

I can never be alone,

For I am one with you.

Centered in each moment’s presence,

Steps appear as I take them.

I am with you as I am with myself,

We are

We are one

We are love



Robert Labensart, CHT, CMT, RYT,

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