Why let even one moment pass not feeling oneness with You, the mystery within my Soul?- Inspired Meditation Poetry


My life’s meaning is to love you in all my Beloved.

Whether I live one moment more or many years,

My heart’s yearning is to forever be in your all loving presence.

It’s so easy to forget to love and be aware of who I really am.

Caught by myself, entangled in my ego’s maze.

Fear can blind me, tie up my hands and obscures wisdom’s eye,

Why not just breathe out as my fear’s mirage dissolves?


And Can I now allow myself to effortlessly be aware of the Eternal Mystery of each moment?

Why just be comfortable with what my life’s subconscious boundaries create?

My attachments create a fog that obscures God’s brilliance,

Why limit the endless vastness of peace that’s present in each and every moment?

Why deny my heart’s yearning to just be completely free?

Can I betray even for one moment my resolve to be aware?

Explore, Oh, seeker of freedom within each moment the vast silence.

Who can ever be more important than my love for You, Oh Supreme Consciousness?

Oh, precious One who forever is within me.

I live within Your awareness of me.

Why not soar into the ecstasy of singing your Eternal Name?

My body will die, the mourning for me will diminish in time,

This body will die it’s only a matter of time.

I ask myself if anything is worth forgetting my Lord,

Why let even one moment pass not feeling oneness with You, the mystery within my Soul?

It is my love for you that I see in the faces of those I hold dear to me,

Why not compassionately be with all while centered in the presence of the Divine?

It’s so easy and can be so difficult to feel that infinite love through myself and everyone.

It is your loving presence that exists in the silence within all that is spoken,

It is the stillness of your inner peace flowing in the ocean’s waves upon the beach,



In cascading waterfalls, in mountain peaks that touch the sky,

Remarkable to be so free and yet still cover the eyes of my heart so I can’t clearly see,

No one can limit how high I rise into the heavens,

I am my own best friend and my own worst enemy,

Is not my biggest regret are all those moments I was not loving you, oh dear One, God of my Soul.

And the vast love within my being beckons me to let this go to be free to love even more deeply.

Who am I that has let go of all that weighs me down?

My inner heart asks me only to start anew each moment loving the Eternal Beloved.

I cannot save another or even convince anyone to walk their own path towards the One.

How many times have I tried and failed?

My example ripples forth to create a seed of possibility,

As I compassionately realize everyone is where they’re supposed to be.

I am now so grateful that each person has to see for themselves, hear for themselves and to choose whether to be awake or asleep.

Walk on in awareness, following each breath mindfully.


Am I now comfortably asleep in denial of the light?

My resolve, my determination is start anew each day and each moment as I just let go of whatever has happened.

And why not peacefully let go of whatever will happen?

And realizing the love within me is not separate from all that exists,

My own heart’s resolve is to love you my precious Lord now and always,

To completely surrender whatever is, has and will happen to the One.

Since I can’t control anyone and I can barely control my mind,

All my thoughts and feelings and all drama from my life I now surrender completely to you Lord,

Doing my best, and letting go as I let go from my heart to everyone’s heart and Soul.

And finding that I am only myself in another.

I am no better or worse than anyone.

And realizing  the love within me is not separate from another,

And loving myself and everyone as I am loved by you, Oh precious One,

And can I now and forever love each moment as I am loved by You, dearest One of my Soul?

There is nothing to fear for who I am who is beyond all fear, and even beyond death’s embrace?

Let us all dance together, feeling oneness within our heart’s presence,

Let us sing together embracing the eternal love that just is there for one and all,

Let us all work and play together creating a world based on our oneness with all that is,

The suffering of one is the suffering of all.

And everyone’s life is as precious to them as my life is precious to me,

And every creature’s life is as precious to them as my life is precious to me.

And in each moment to be aware of my thoughts coming and going,

And in each moment to be witness my feelings arising and falling away.

As I effortlessly allow love within my eternal being to lead me each and every moment.

Remembering and forgetting, as I allow myself to witness life’s dance,

As I allow myself to melt into the stillness that loves me in each and every moment,

As I breathe into the softest presence of love that ceaselessly pours through my awareness,

And as I breathe out, there is only one.



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