Sadness at the passing of one close to one,

As those near now moving far away moves us to tears,

Why not let this sadness be touched by the presence of mystery within,
As tears flow mingled in mindfulness,
As the grief is allowed to dissolve,
You are never alone, The Beloved is closer to you than even your hands and feet,
For they will leave you and the Divine is who you truly are,
Just let love melt yourself in the One

So many times we find yourself becoming lost in life’s attachments, responsibilities.
Dramas are endless,

Out of the darkness of grief and fear, the light of presence always is.IMG_0551

And the peace arises in finding the One again,
As you melt your heart in Oneness.

The mystery just is,
Those who come will go.
The meeting of heart and mind in love and friendship always stays,
The embrace of our Soul’s presence touching another Soul just is,
And that which is, always is,
It’s the refuge that your heart truly seeks,
Your mind to know and become. Be free
Become friends to who you really are.

Why separate from such infinite love?
It’s so easy to find ourselves numbing our mind’s inherent clarity,
in the details of relationships dramas and those who leave that it  can feel so overwhelming.

How can we free ourselves when we already are free?
Love lights the way,
It is the way,
Love’s presence is who we are.

Why not love each and every moment of our life?
Why not unravel the knots of desire and attachment by opening our heart’s all embracing love?
In loving we experience each moment,
One yet separate,
Just be who you really are?
Breathe in and out the light,

Breathe in and out the Love’s limitless presence,
As you witness yourself being breathed.
Love just is.


Robert Labensart, CHT, CMT, RYT
Hypnotherapy, Cellular Release Hypnotherapy, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Meditation (all levels) Online or Phone Sessions available. Sessions also available in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, CA.  Hypnotherapy Sessions to Dissolve Grief, Depression and Loss.