Dissolving Anxiety and Worry

Self Help Approaches

*Anxiety or unnecessary worry drains our sense of confidence, optimism and peace. How many times have you worried about something and it never materialized? How many troubled days or nights have you obsessed about someone or something that happened that you couldn’t stop your mind from thinking about? As a professional hypnotherapist and spiritual life coach, I’ve helped many people free themselves from this debilitating and sabotaging self-talk. Below is one approach among many that can empower you.

 Taking back control from your worry driven mind    Self Help  Massage

First: Acupressure Technique:

Rub your fingernails against each other briskly back and forth. According to acupuncture, this increases circulation to six meridians of your body. This also stimulates certain areas of your brain, which will help diminish the areas of your brain affected by the anxiety or worry. As a side note I’ve also had several women comment that they love doing this because their nails become stronger.

Second: Do Kegels.

You may be aware that this is generally recommended for pregnant women.  I’ve also read a medical study when was in my dentist office that this reduced high blood pressure in both genders (300 repetitions daily). This technique also tones abdomen muscles, helps better prostate and bladder health. It also stimulates certain areas of the brain, which helps clear other parts of your brain aroused whenever you’re in a fight or flight or freeze adrenal mode.  Procedure: contract those muscles as if you were to stop urinating or defecating. Hold briefly or for 5 seconds and release. As you release those muscles, gently smile. (Even if you pretend, it still helps).  Please don’t overdo it. This approach can be done in public since no one knows what you’re doing.  Now practice both techniques at the same time while you’re aware of your anxiety or worry.

Third: Visual Technique for stress    from NLP

Look up and move your eyes side to side. According to brain researchers, the visual cortex of the brain is activated whenever you look up. Many people have found that when you look down your accessing your feelings, which can increase the anxiety. It’s easier to distance yourself from anxiety and worry by looking upward. Now practice all 3 techniques.

Fourth:  Effortless Breathing from Qigong and Yoga

Touch your tongue’s tip to touch the top of your soft palate as far back as possible while still being relaxed. This ancient qigong technique allows for you to inhale deeper. When you exhale put the tip of your tongue below your lower front teeth (mouth closed). This usually helps you to exhale effortlessly.  In anxiety and worry there is an either rapid shallow breathing or holding your breath. Just doing this technique in many cases may help you regain control by centering yourself.

Since the brain uses 20% of the available oxygen, it doesn’t work effectively whenever you’re anxious or consumed by worry. This will increase your oxygen levels to your brain helping you dissolve the worry and anxiety. Now practice all 4 techniques. Almost all my hypnotherapy clients who had anxiety, worry and phobias issues found that the intensity of those feelings decreased significantly within 10 minutes. They regained control.

Remember the surge of adrenaline (fight/flight/freeze response) according to recent brain research only lasts 8 minutes.  This approach has helped many people free themselves from the intensity of the anxiety and worry. Then after 8 minutes you feel better, more alive and centered able to deal with life’s challenges.

It’s important to accept whatever you’re feeling instead of denying, avoiding, repressing it or being controlled by addictive behavior (compulsive overeating, drugs, smoking, alcohol, shopping etc.) Whenever you accept and relax into whatever you’re feeling doing one or all of the above approaches, you’ll discover how the intensity of anxiety and worry dissolves.  It’s amazing how much this can help if you even do 7 minutes daily.

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Depending on what is causing your anxiety or worry, you may want to consider working with me as a Professional Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. If you click on Beyond Hypnotherapy on my website you will read about other effective emotional releasing and clearing approaches. Many of my clients have also found that hypnotherapy is very effective and transforming. My clients have found them very effective in dissolving anxiety, worry, depression, anger, guilt, the emotional cause of excess weight and healing the original cause of trauma.

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. Disclaimer: None of these therapeutic approaches treat or cure any health condition nor substitute for the need of professional medical intervention. Testimonies are anectodal only and do not represent what you may experience. This advice does not substitute for professional help when needed. Results vary. Check with your medical provider first before using these approaches.