I have no questions to ask since the only answer is to love even more
Inspired Poetry of the Soul

Love searches for itself and only finds love in each and everything that exists,
Why do I need to search because I am one with all that is?
I shall let go of needing to define myself so that I will be unlimited,
I now free myself from separating myself from anyone, from any experience,
Moments of awareness drift into forgetting who loves me now and always,
Just remember to love, to be aware my Soul sings within every heartbeat,
I have and will always be loving you, Beloved hidden deep within,
Endlessly am I embracing all with compassion,
I have no questions to ask since the only answer is to love even more,
Why not love even more?
Why not allow your heart to soar embracing the hearts current of all?
Why not drink endlessly loves potent light that frees one from one’s limitations?
Be Me by loving Me,
Be free through allowing yourself to lovingly notice life’s dramas,
The happiness you seek is finding love, to dive into the ocean of Divine Love,
Love uplifts you to see each moment with a forgiving heart,
Love illumines all that you do with compassionate tenderness,
Love strengthens your courage to step unto the unknown,
Love free you from whatever can ever limit a truly loving heart,
Love brings you to be aware of how much you can love everyone as yourself,
Love is You,
Love is All that is.

Robert Labensart, CMT,CHT, RYT