How much of my life is unconscious?

Of repeating what doesn’t even really make me feel really alive, free?

I am my best friend and worst enemy,

When I run from feelings, I run from myself.

Why not allow my awareness to relax with gentle compassion into whatever I’m now feeling?

So easy and yet so difficult,

Can I not feel the quiet beauty in simplicity… in drops of rain upon oak leaves ,

In the ocean’s waves washing upon the beach at twilight?

Can I now allow my awareness to flow like that wave flowing upon the beach of my life?

Why do I ever limit how much joy I can feel at any moment?

Does it make any sense not to explore the depths of love and peace within my Soul?

Within the Soul of another,

Within the Soul of each moment’s presence I now explore,

The beauty of presence in the stillness of the setting sun,

The quiet flow of beauty as we smile at each other,

The softening glow of sweetness as we talk with each other,

The joyful uplifting of laughing together,

The sweet beauty of a sharing hand,

The courageous beauty of doing what doesn’t come easy,

The transcending beauty of a loving embrace,

In feeling oneness with another.

Heart felt awareness,

In caring deeds uplifted with a smile.

Beauty is our natural state of compassionate  acceptance of ourselves and others.

Robert Labensart, CMT, CHT, RYT

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