Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief- alternative approaches from Trigger Point Therapy, Qigong, Effortless Breathing, Guardian Angel Acu-therapy device

*How do you free yourself from the symptoms of carpal tunnel? Doctors indicate that “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is from excessive pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. Symptoms can include numbness, tingling, pain, and weakness and can lead to muscle damage in the hand or wrist”.  If you don’t want to choose surgery, being on pain medications, physical therapy or finding a new job, you may want to explore the following approaches.

Computeritis is a term coined by optometrists to describe the negative effects of sitting hours in front of a computer. Effects may include: carpal tunnel pain, epidemic of near sightedness, fatigue, pain and stiffness in the shoulders and neck. Japanese doctors have observed that after 3 hours on the computer the flow of blood stagnated, especially in the upper half of the body. Other researchers have found that repetitive wrist movements with the mouse, along with stress, increased the chance of carpal tunnel or inflammation of the median nerve in the hand increased. What to do? Optometrists recommend good ergonomics, getting up, stretching, regular massage, working out, walking, yoga, and looking away from computer. Of course, carpal tunnel can also come from other causes.

Find what works for you based on what you feel is causing it. Explore the Internet to get different perspectives. Go to your doctor then and get her/his perspective. I would suggest you start with three to seven minutes of the following techniques below. Never go to the point of pain. Be careful of aggravating the median nerve or your wrist and hand. Be patient. Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Many times it may only need a little help.  Consider going to a massage therapist, chiropractor or acupuncturist. Lessen your stress level.

1) Tush Cush pillow from Better Back Store will help reverse some of the spinal compression from sitting for hours. It has an opening  where your sacrum rests when you’re sitting on a chair. Consider experimenting with a knee chair or sitting on a large ball.

2) Qigong exercises– Make a circle with your fingertips leading clockwise for 15 seconds then counterclockwise for 15 seconds or more. Then make circles with your wrists leading clockwise then counterclockwise. Then make circles both directions your elbows leading (allowing every thing else to relax). You can make either large or small circles or move your hands fast or slow. Just listen to your body to discover how your body wants you to move. Never go to point of pain. This qigong exercise stimulates the blood and meridian flow in six organs of your body and helps clear the inflammation in the hand. This exercise can take 1-10 minutes to do and you may want to do it once an hour.

3) Chinese Healing Balls from acupuncture: The procedure is to move your palm with two small balls (metal or stone) rolling in your hand trying for them to roll past each other without touching. This takes a little practice. This helps stimulate circulation of blood and life force to help relieve inflammation. Go slowly and don’t overdo it. Gradually build up to 5-12 minutes. If it irritates your hand and wrist, discontinue. This also helps tone all the muscles of your body according to acupuncture.

4. Trigger Point Therapy by Dr. Travell and Dr. Nemo

See my blog on How to dissolve pain through Trigger Point Therapy on my website.

These doctors feel Trigger Point Therapy can be effective in pain relief in 80% of acute and chronic pain. I would recommend though first having one Trigger Point Therapy session with me or another massage therapist who works a lot with this technique. After this, you may want to do it on your own. Be careful of irritating your hand and wrist too much by excess pressure. Listen to your body. Be patient.

5. Infratonic 8000  Kathy, the massage therapist I traded with in Denver, told me that one of her clients was scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery. She placed the transducer head of the Infratonic 8000 on the areas of pain and gave him a massage. Ten sessions later, he canceled the surgery. My clients love the therapeutic effects of the Infratonic 8000 when I use it on them in a massage or hypnotherapy session. Go on their website if you want more information.

6. Gentle traction with Qigong movement: Hold your wrist with one hand while moving your elbow backwards gently for 3-7 seconds. Gently rock your arm (1-5 degrees), which is against your chest, back and forth.

7.Guardian Angel Acu-Therapy device gives you the healing effects of acupuncture at your fingertips.  This gold-plated device has 300 spikes with which you can use to help your body dissolve pain and stimulate all the acupuncture meridians. Dr. James Minn indicated that if a person regularly used this (20 minutes daily on your hand) in his 40’s or 50’s, he or she would lessen the chance of having many common ailments which people have as they age.  As a massage therapist, it has helped me clear the stress of the day from my hands and body.  Dr. Koryo, a medical doctor and acupuncturist, has found that working on your hands can stimulate every acupuncture point in the human body.  The Guardian Angel can easily stimulate every acupuncture point in your body by working on your hand with it for only ten minutes.

Techniques: Start gently by holding the Guardian Angel gently in your slightly squeezed hands for 15 seconds. See how your body responds? Never go to the point of pain.

Gently roll the guardian angel up and down your arm to increase circulation.  Gradually increase the amount of time using it.  Go on my website to access my youtube video on the Guardian Angel.

Guardian Angel Acu-therapy device


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8.  Shoulder release exercise from the chiropractor for the Denver Broncos: This increases circulation to the nerves and lymph nodes in your armpit, which helps dissolve pain and increase your shoulder flexibility. It’s important to work on clearing any congestion or inflammation in the shoulder, armpit and neck since the nerves and meridians that go through directly influence your hand and wrist.

Place your right hand on top of your right shoulder. Lift up your elbow vertically with your left hand. Gently lift it up to the point of stiffness not pain. Lift up your whole arm and let it drop gently on the back. Repeat: “good job” (repeat any positive affirmations towards yourself) and gradually build up to the number of years old you are. Repeat this with your other arm.

9. Quantum Stilus energy water remedies– Drink and spray your hand, arm and shoulders with De-Stress and Inflam-X water. May reduces pain and stress. See my websites for blogs concerning these wonderfully therapeutic remedies.

10. Chiropractic- You may want to consider going to a chiropractor of your choosing since a subluxation of spinal vertebrae may be contributing to your body’s inability to clearing the pain and inflammation.

11. Effortless Breathing- Changing your brain waves. Since studies indicate that stressful working conditions along with repetitive movement with the mouse contribute to causing carpal tunnel, working with alpha breathing can be very helpful to dissolving the pain. Go on my website blogs.

12. Schedule a Trigger Point Therapy and massage session with me in Santa Rosa, Petaluma or San Rafael, CA  or with anyone you like working with.

Email me at: if you’re interested.  Thank you.

Robert Labensart, CMT, CHT, RYT        #1692

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