To truly be gentle with yourself and others is just to love each moment as it is
Inspired Poetry of the Soul

Freedom occurs through allowing yourself to be truly who you are.
Let go of all resistance to truly be who you are.
Let go all resistance to feeling grateful and forgiving to yourself and all,
Dissolve your avoidance of just being in each and every moment.
Be aware that you’re now aware.
Peace is allowing unconditional love that is never limited by oneself or another to be you.
Be playful with the quiet joy in each moment and free,
Be silent and aware,

Be still as love’s presence flowing through you,
Allow love’s presence to saturate all that you say, believe or do without even trying. Love is your natural state of letting thoughts and feelings come and go without being attachment to your judgments.
Allow your feelings to rise and fall away,
Letting go, as you allow your awareness of who am I to just be there?
Out of stillness of being echoes who am I really?
Allow your thoughts to rise and fall being aware of the ocean of Love’s Divine presence.
How long will you wait to set yourself free?
Allow yourself to soar now within the limitless sky of your Soul’s Presence.
How long will you deny yourself a Love so precious, so freeing, and so deeply intimate?
This Divine Love never limits you, never binds you with ego’s pretense of control,
What do you wisely feel about your ego’s fears and attachments?
Where does it lead?
It’s as easy as turning on a light switch and the room’s darkness vanishes instantly. Allow yourself to become aware each moment,
Allow yourself to love instead of feeling afraid,
Allow yourself to be compassionate to all instead of critical.

And could you now allow yourself to be kind to yourself and everyone whenever possible?

Why do we make it so difficult?
Why do we create so much unnecessary suffering with others?
Why not allow ourselves to go beyond all resistance and fear?
Allow yourself to witness and observe this ever-pure presence of Love in all that is.
Oh, my friend, looking behind you see the life steps you’ve taken,
Looking ahead there is none,
Just walk on,
Allow the stillness of presence within your being to be there,
Your each and every next step will appear as you take it.
To truly be gentle with yourself and others is just to love each moment as it is.

Robert Labensart, CMT, CHT, RYT

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