*1) Acupressure combined with Polarity Therapy:  Join your fingers together and lightly press  on PC-6, an acupuncture point two thumb widths down from inner wrist  crease in the center of the arm. This helps clear light to intense stress. Gently hold for 3-15 minutes. Very Relaxing and helpful in going to sleep.

2) Yogic Half Bath: Relaxes the body for sleep

Splash cool or lukewarm warm 12 times in your open eyes and on the back of your neck. Splashing water in your eyes activates the “pearl diver’s reflex” which helps calm your heart and lowers blood pressure.

3) Yoga Eye Therapy- Modified Techniques  from Dr. Bate’s Method and Yoga for Your Eyes by Meir Schneider, PH.D and Robert Labensart, CHT, CMT

Rub your hands together until they’re hot and then gently place them over your eyes without putting any pressure on your eyes (palming). Mentally repeat: Could I now allow the level of relaxing darkness and peaceful blackness to increase? (say yes)  And repeat this many times.  When you can close your eyes and visualize blackness around you then your eyes and even your optic nerves will be completely relaxed.

The strain on our eyes due to time spent on the computer, seeing television and commuting over stimulates our nervous system.  By deeply relaxing our eyes it’s easier to go into a deeper more restful sleep.

3) Original Chi Machine- Insomnia Relief aide: Developed by Japanese Doctors- The soothing rocking motion helps relax your brain, heart and nervous system.  After 10-20 minutes on the chi machine you’ll feel relaxed as the stress of the day has dissolved. The chi machine removes stored or current stress  from your whole body.  My clients love getting a massage while their body is rocking back and forth. Many of my clients find that it lulls them into sleep. If you would like more information, go to my website for a blog on the chi machine. And if you’re interested in purchasing it you, please go to the store on my website.

4) Yoga or Qigong in the evening: Practice 3-5 yoga or qigong poses and relax on your back for 2 minutes in between each pose. Practicing yoga and qigong can be very calming and helpful to getting a restful, deep sleep.

Yoga Insights for stress relief and insomnia:   As you breathe in, you smile and imagine breathing in from your foot to your head ( through your cells, muscles, meridians) . As you exhale, imagine emptying your body of all stress or stiffness from your head to your feet.(Akido breathing technique)

If you sign up on my email list, I’ll email you free youtube links on yoga and qigong for insomnia and stress that I’ll soon be making. Many of my clients have found just by practicing  yoga and qigong poses for 15-20 minutes in the evening, that it deeply relaxes you. It also is very helpful to help you end the insomnia pattern.

5) Quantum Stilus water remedies – These energy-remedies are deeply relaxing and very helpful for overcoming insomnia  (See blog on my website for more information)

6) Bach Remedies from Dr. Bach   Buy a book on Bach Remedies and find remedies that fit what’s upsetting you.  Bach Remedies are available in most health food stores. I also sell  Bach Remedies 30C on line or locally.  These are 30 times more effective than what you buy in the health food store.  Dr. Bach indications: White Chestnut is for persistent unwanted thoughts. Mimulus is to help clear known fears and anxieties. Aspen is to help dissolve unknown fears and anxieties. Holly helps clear anger and frustration.  New Bach Remedy Body Maps by Dietmar Kramer   This is an excellent source book showing you where to apply the Bach remedies to increase their effectiveness.

If interested, email me: robertlabensart@gmail.com    $15 for 5 different Bach Remedies 30C plus shipping and tax.

8) Qigong Meditation. This simple yet effective meditative approach uses awareness and gentle suggestions to help you deeply relax your muscles from your feet to your head. Qigong meditation can help you dissolve stress and eliminate imbalances in the acupuncture meridian system which makes it more difficult to fall asleep. Qigong Meditation Technique:  As you exhale on your bed, smile as you make micro-movements with your sacrum. This helps soothe your nervous system and the brain helping you to fall asleep.

It’s important to be patient with all of these techniques and allow at least 2-4 weeks before deciding if they work for you.

9) Relaxing Visualizations:  Visualize numbers in the air counting backwards from 100 to 1. a) Imagine the numbers disappearing into the blue sky as you exhale  b) imagine a peaceful scenes on the beach sand with the waves washing them away. (As you exhale)  c) Imagine or see pictures of what happened today thousands of miles behind you as you exhale with a smile. (to help dissolve stress).

10) Regular Massage sessions combined with yoga nerve therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and Biofeedback releases stored stress or pain as it deeply relaxes you.  This can help dissolve insomnia. For more information about these unique therapeutic approaches go to my website.  If you’re interested in a session, please email me at robertlabensart@gmail.com.

11) Hypnotherapy for Chronic Insomnia

Hypnosis is a very effective approach in resolving the causes for the insomnia which exist within the subconscious mind. For example, work or relationship stress can make it very difficult to getting and staying asleep. Venting  stored stress, reprogramming basic sabotaging beliefs, and learning to see the bright and challenging side of any experience are three of many different approaches hypnosis uses. Learning Self-Hypnosis is an integral part of taking control of your stress as you learn how to ease yourself into a very deep, restful sleep.

Hypnotherapy, HypnoMasage or Massage Sessions can take place in one of my offices either in Santa Rosa, Petaluma or San Rafael, Ca.  Online Skype or  phone Hypnotherapy or Cellular Release Therapy is also available.

12). Cellular Release Therapy for Chronic Insomnia

Cellular Release Therapy utilized the immense powers of your subconscious mind to release and clear, without having to re-experience it, many unresolved upsets or traumas that are still effecting you.  This unique type of Hypnotherapy allows you not only clear the intensity of trauma but helps reprograms subconscious beliefs that may be causing your insomnia.

Disclaimer: None of these therapeutic approaches treat or cure any health condition nor substitute for the need of professional medical intervention. Testimonies are anectodal only and do not represent what you may experience. Results vary. Check with your medical provider first before using these approaches.

Hypnotherapy & Ten Self-Help tips for Insomnia

Robert Labensart, CHT, CMT (#1692), RYT