Why not letting go resisting whatever is happening?  – Inspired Poetry.  Meditations of my Soul

 So many of my  years, I have lived in the darkness of my ego’s drama’s,  merging briefly in the light only to sink back into its comfortable sameness.

Desire can lead to suffering,

Why do we ever limit truly feeling alive and loving?

Allowing myself to let go of attachments,

Allowing my fears to dissolve,


And why do I still let my monkey mind limits how much I can love and be aware?

How much of my life has been in discussing and arguing instead of being who I am eternally?

When is enough, enough?    Is life too precious to waste in this way?

Allowing myself to be loved endlessly from within my being.

Allowing more and more to compassionately be there for one and all,

My identity is just to love you oh, precious God of my Soul.

But where now is the sweetness of the your presence?

What a mystery you are.

It’s so easy and yet so hard to merge into your never-ending love for me and all.

And it’s so easy to forget You.   And even easier to remember You.   Why?

Why have I ever chosen the darkness of fear over the light of courageously accepting and being thankful for this moment?

Why not feel your presence in these thoughts and feelings as they come and go?

I can only feel truly alive loving you, as I merge all my past into your ever- precious Name.

Why cannot this bliss last?

Even when my heart seems to break at the suffering that exists so intensely for so many,

Even when I feel the darkness of my moods, you’re loving presence never leaves me.

Why not feel your eternal presence in my feelings of being alive even more?

Love is always there.

Light’s presence is.

You are always there.

Let whatever happens in life  just to be there, as it arises and falls away.

The ever -present stillness of presence sets me free.

Awareness rises and falls away,

Is life’s eternal dance to just to lovingly be aware in whatever happens?

I only know its You, my eternal Friend.

My mind, why not allow awareness to flow into whatever I’m feeling?

My heart, why not allow Your awareness to flow into whatever I’m feeling?

If not now, when?

I am a tiger of fierce determination to be there, to show up and to be aware.

Sing my heart, sing your Divine Name endlessly.

The river of devotion flows endlessly within my Soul,


Endlessly yielding, letting go,

Mindful awareness just is there.

Why not letting go of resisting whatever is happening?

You created all life to experience the bliss of loving yourself.

Love dyed, my mind is,

When I dwell in your reality, my Eternal Beloved.

When you love, you are loved so deeply by that One ever pure consciousness,

Love begets more love, joy embraces more joy.

Every loving step you take, you are loved so deeply from within your eternal being.

And as you love,  just effortlessly  surrender to the vast peace that loving the Divine brings.

Only those who venture into giving everything to You can truly feel this vast love and freedom continuously,

I am absorbed in the presence of your being, oh Divine Beloved,

Wherever I look, I feel your endless love.

Waves of unending bliss exists everywhere.




Centered in bliss, my refuge an ocean of vast peace,

Oh, fellow travelers in life, venture forth into exploring who you really are?

Move on and never stop loving, never limit being aware.

Everyone is just like you… a brother or sister on the path with many ups an downs.

Really feel whatever is happening within you,

Allow yourself to compassionately witness whatever is happening to others,

As you’re lead to help others help themselves.

Witness this drama from your Soul’s infinite peace.

Your Higher Self’s ocean’s of sweetness washes over you.



Let go of guilt, let go of repeating your past mistakes, they are only feedback from life.

Be one… and do the yoga of love, the yoga of loving your body as an instrument of the One,

Why pretend any longer that you are not free?

Why limit the vastness of love and peace which is who you really are?

Your love for the Beloved sets you free.

There are so many excuses not to be present in each and every moment,

Sing, ever sing the Name of that Supreme Consciousness,

Greet each day, each moment with loving gratefulness,

And dive ever deeper into loving the presence of the Beloved.

The Beloved and you are one.

You are the mystery,

You are eternal and you are free.

Break the illusion that you are limited by anything that happens.

Be free, be love, surrender all to that inscrutable presence.

So soft, so soft, so pure, so real.

Love and you’re loved,

I am one,

I have always been one with You,

I always will,



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