Yoga Spinal Nerve Massage helpful for Chronic Back Pain,

in Petaluma, Santa Rosa,  San Rafael,  CA

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*Over the past 25 years, I have seen Yoga Spinal Nerve Massage  deeply relax many clients as stiffness and pain dissolved from their neck, shoulders,  spine and lower back. Many times clients come for a session to help accelerate their body’s natural ability to dissolve pain. Common complaints include : crick in their neck, shoulder spasm, shoulder catches, lower back sharp pain or  dull aching pain and stiffness in their hips. I also usually find  a number of places in the shoulders, neck and back where pain and stiffness also exist that is related to what’s hurting them. The actual massage technique itself proceeds very gently up the spine. Within 5-30 minutes over 90% of my clients are very relaxed and the painful areas in the neck, shoulders and hips are reduced usually by 50-100%.  Many times areas of the spine and muscles where there is acute and chronic pain will melt away within a short time.

The stiffness and pain in the back just dissolves away as the blockages in the governing vessel meridian in the spine are eliminated.  This relaxing technique also seems to restore our spinal nerves natural ability to dissolve pain and mental and emotional stress.

My yoga and mediation teacher initially taught me this ancient yoga massage technique given by Shiva. Shiva was a saint who lived in the Mohandaro civilization in India in 4,500 BC. My teacher indicated that this technique helps you to experience deep relaxation. At the same time, it helps your body dissolves acute and chronic pain and helps in reversing aging of the spine and the nervous system.

Over the years this technique has evolved to where  I now combine Yoga Nerve Massage with Cranial Sacral therapy, Reiki, and Quantum Stilus massage therapy.

Come and experience a yoga spinal nerve session alone with Deep Tissue massage, Swedish massage, Trigger Point Therapy at my Santa Rosa, Petaluma or San Rafael offices. Experience for yourself how effective these therapeutic approaches can be for acute and chronic pain and stress. I have offices in Santa Rosa, Petaluma and San Rafael, CA. If you’re interested, please email me at or call me at 707-396-8788.

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Robert Labensart , CMT (#1692), CHT, RYT



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