Inspired Poetry of the Soul  –  There is nothing to fear, there never was. Never alone, a smile radiating from heart to all.


My mind’s cage is of my own creation,

Yet the door is always open, It really never existed,

What will it take for me just to take the next step?

How can I fear myself, my past?

Only if I let my fears become me.

How can I fear your fears,  your attachments and upsets?

Only if I let your fears and upsets  become me .

There is nothing to fear, there never was.

Eternal presence am I,

Who am I who is eternally present?


And who’s loving embrace is walking with me now and always?

Does my mind really avoid feeling truly alive?

And does my past really limit how much courageous compassion I can feel?

Could I now let go of being limited by my past and be aware in each moment?

“Yes”, flows with a smile of aware wisdom upon my face.

The price of freedom is just be loving aware to yourself and to everyone you meet,

Everyone you meet is only your reflection.

Yes, open my heart my Inner Beloved, my Soul,

Uplift my vision to the ever pure eternal presence of the Supreme Consciousness,

And can I now allow myself to feel the embrace of my Soul’s Inner Light?

And shall I now allow Love’s sweetest Presence to inspire and transform me?

My Inner Friend is always there?

The ever-silent light of pure being always is,


The silence that permeates all that I feel and do,

Dissolves whatever has or is or could limit my awareness,

Long ago, forgotten moments of resisting love’s embrace,

Where have you come from?

And why do I keep on unconsciously repeating what really doesn’t work?

I can only truly  live from the endless love within my being.

Ask for love from within and without,

Ask for peace from within and without,

Yet it is so difficult with my mind and heart pulling me in so many directions,

I do love those dear to me,

And can I now love everyone in that way?


The path of love’s devotion is never easy when weighted down with one’s ego,

Effortless is the path of compassion and loving faith,

Feelings bubble up from my past or future,

In my Beloved’s presence I witness their passing.

And can I truly forgive myself for all that has happened within myself and in life?

And what does really forgiving really mean?

Yet I have never intentionally harmed myself or anyone ,

There exists only feedback not failure my inner heart sings to me,

I do not fear being free,

Then, let go of all that limits your awareness,  that limits the ever pure love which is who you really are,

Yes, just let go of what limits yourself being free,

Is it really that easy?

Love’s embracing tenderness uplifts me softly,

Love’s presence is never ending.

My heart beats with God’s presence continually,

The Divine Name repeats endlessly within my mind,

I know no loss, no separation,

I am set free by my Beloved’s love, which flows endlessly through my lips and deeds,

Why I shall I wait any longer, my Eternal Friend?

Ah, this too is God.

Silence permeates my quiet feelings, as I step into each unknown moment,

Never alone, a smile radiating from heart to all.

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