Ways to increase Hoʻoponopono’s Effectiveness: by Robert Labensart, CHT,CMY,RYT

*Hoʻoponopono is a  loving, effective way of dissolving your ego’s rough edges  so that the Divine Love will flow through you and to everyone and manifest peace, love, health and abundance.


Inspired from reading and practicing: Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More  by Joe Vitale

By constantly repeating these affirmations or mantra “we reach “zero limits” in which you change yourself to change your external reality. Total Responsibility, according to Hew Len, advocates that everything exists as a projection from inside the human being.”(page 24 of  Zero Limits by Joe Vitale) We can  experience more unconditional love, forgiveness, courage, compassion and inner guidance from the Divine within our being.

“I’m sorry,  Creator of All that is,  (being accountable for limiting how much joy, love, gratefulness and forgiveness we can experience each moment)

Please forgive me Divine,

Thank you, Supreme Consciousness, 

I love you Divine ( Beloved),

Please show me the way.” from Zero Limits

The ancient Hawaiians realized that their  Soul (Higher Self, Spirit, God within) is one with all things.  The realization that our Soul is one with all is shared with yoga and many other paths. When you’re saying Hoʻoponopono’s affirmations, your heart-mind awareness can be focused initially on:


*Troubled relationship with those near to you or at work,
*Your child who is having difficulties with drugs, sickness
*Emotional dis-stress, (specific or general)
*Your own health’s challenges,
* Your emotional, mental and spiritual challenges, difficulties within your community, your country, the world. Everything you experience outside is only an extension of your Eternal Soul. In this meditative or contemplative practice, you are learning to let go of trying to fix or heal others. Ask and you receive.  These prayers or meditative awareness  help dissolve your ego so that the Divine can use you as a medium to shower  gratefulness, forgiveness, courage and love on you and all that exists. 
As you let go more and more of wanting any specific outcome, you become centered in peaceful confidence towards whatever is happening at this moment and in whatever is happening in your life. The power of  unconditional love is limitless in what can do for you, those close to you and the world.

1.  Get into the regular practice of doing Hoʻoponopono at a specific time each day.

2. Weight Mastery: Say or sing 1-3 Hoʻoponopono’s affirmations before you eat and between each bite.  This can help in losing excess weight caused by overeating.    Weight Mastery

3. Weight Loss: Repeat your centering and nurturing Hoʻoponopono affirmations as you chew each bite of food up to 30 times per mouthful.

4. Say Hoʻoponopono while you’re doing kegels before you react in anger when your triggered by what someone has said or done.

5. Repeat Hoʻoponopono  before sleep so they go deep into your subconscious mind.

6.  Be in this moment as you say them. This moment is the only moment that exists.

7. Gratefulness Centering Meditation: Before you open your eyes in the morning repeat Hoʻoponopono several times to set the tone for your day.  Find 5 things you’re going to feel grateful for today before you open your eyes.

8. Spray or drink Quantum Stilus Water Remedies anywhere on your body as you repeat your affirmations.  These unique water remedies will amplify your positive affirmations as it resonates from your DNA and to every cell in your body. Quantum Stilus Water Remedies

9. Meditation Mindfulness Practice: Witness yourself saying Hoʻoponopono. Mindfulness meditative awareness.


10. Learn Alpha Effortless Breathing – increases your breath 10-50% as you shift your brain waves to Alpha.  When you repeat Hoʻoponopono affirmations in Alpha Brain wave state, they deeply effect and cleanse your conscious and subconscious mind, brain and nervous system of that which is limiting your vast potential.

11. Do Psych-K, whole brain stimulation to deepen Hoʻoponopono as you reprogram your subconscious mind.

12.Yoga & Ho’oponopono: Repeat Hoʻoponopono affirmations when you’re doing yoga postures.

 13. Repeat Hoʻoponopono affirmations to different parts of your body that need loving attention (areas of pain or dis-ease) as you smile at your body.

14. Choose one or  more of Hoʻoponopono affirmations to repeat throughout the day.

15. Repeat Hoʻoponopono affirmations while doing EFT –excellent approach

16. Repeat them hourly.  Repeat them twice a day.

17. Remember your unconscious mind needs 40 days of repeating affirmations to reprogram it for success and self-empowerment.

18. Repeat them when your breath has a natural pause.

19. Repeat them as you inhale or exhale with your breath. Repeating Hoʻoponopono affirmations in rhythm with your inhale and exhale deepens their potency.

20. Repeat Hoʻoponopono Affirmations to center yourself.

21. Visualize, imagine, or pretend your inner child or teenager is saying them to you and you are lovingly saying these affirmations to them.

22. Smile as you say Hoʻoponopono Affirmations.

23 Make saying Hoʻoponopono affirmations a challenge or a game to use to inspire yourself to persevere and to succeed. Thy Will be done.

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