Who am I?  A Contemplative and meditative path

In the Name of world peace- Please pass this on

Robert Labensart, CMT,CHT,RYT



“Be aware of who you really are and don’t pretend to be what you are not.”  Who am I? Who are you really?  Are you only your body, what you think and the world that you know?  Are you more than what you have or believe?

If we identify with and become too attached to what we have and it changes or is no longer there, we can create unnecessary suffering for ourselves.  There was an article about a family who lost everything in the L.A. earthquake, yet they felt a transforming gratefulness that no one they loved had died. They found in rebuilding their lives, they valued even more each moment and each other than ever before. Is this is more important than what we own? Who am I who can/is courageously and with forgiveness working for the betterment of oneself and all? At the same time, does greed create suffering for oneself and many?

Who am I?  Are you only your body?  Our bodies change with time. Women don’t want to be loved only for their bodies. They want also to be loved for their personalities, what they do and even more. The women who women idolize as very beautiful are also not completely happy with how they look. We are more than our bodies and how we look.

Who are you, who are more than your mind and its many thoughts, experiences and beliefs? How much suffering and violence has occurred because of bigotry, unbridled greed, dogmatism, intolerance and hatred?  Who am I who optimistically and with ever growing wisdom and strength am facing every challenge in their life? Who am I who am creating a world based upon compassion, clarity and wisdom?

Who are You that is compassionately freed from being limited or biased by your parental, cultural or religious beliefs or programming?

I invite you to explore these who am I awareness meditations.  As you allow your awareness, your feelings to merge (melt, dissolve) into these awareness meditative questions, you will begin to feel the vastness of peace, love, bliss, and wisdom within your eternal essence. Are we only what we have?  We are also more than the world we live in and what we possess. We are these bodies we live in.  Yet, we are more than our bodies and the changes that happen to it? We are more than the health challenges we may face in our lifetime on earth. We are our thoughts and feelings. Yet we are more than our mind and the 70,000 thoughts and feelings that come through us daily. We are beyond all limiting beliefs. We are our gender, but we are more than that?  We are a mystery.  Can you allow yourself to create your life and each and every moment as a wonderful mystery to explore and to experience deeply?

I invite you to repeat silently or out loud one or more of these awareness meditations that you are attracted to. After you say a statement, allow yourself to become aware of the presence, the stillness, the Eternal Self or witness of every moment of your life. Relax into the silence, the space, and the stillness of who you are eternally. God is there for you each and every moment of your life.  Breathe with a smile of mindfulness. Exhale into that presence. Feel that presence within you and within everyone you meet.

God – (G-that limitless Love, all knowing consciousness, eternal freedom, endless peace, Divine Light that generates all, 0- that operates all creation, and D- that dissolves and re-creates all that is, and that which is beyond this. God is all form or creation throughout the universes and is also formless, infinite consciousness, presence, and silence. God is totally impersonal and also infinitely personal. )
–   Who am I?  -Repeat this awareness as you explore these eternal meditative questions.

–  Who am I really?

–  Who was I two hundred years ago?  Who will I be in a million years?

–  Who am I eternally?

–  Who are you eternally  (the people we meet in our lives)?
–   When am I not?

–  When am I  (I as our Soul, Spirit, Higher Self) not loving and forgiving?
–  Who am I not?

–  Who am I who observes what’s happening in me? –

–  Who am I who lovingly (peacefully) accepts what I’m feeling now?

–  Who am I who feels the silence underneath what I’m hearing now?

–  Who am I who am aware of the silent presence of all things?

–   Who are You whose awareness dissolves this (fear, anger, attachment) now?

–    Who am I who now feels the presence of Your Love, God now and always?

–  Who are you whose love is always there?

–     Who am I who loves you now and always?
–  Who am I who am peacefully centered now?  And now?

–  Who am I who am aware of what’s happening now?  And now? And now?

–  Who am I who feels the stillness of endless love deep within my body and my feelings?
–   Who am I, who goes beyond this fear?

–  Who am I who feels endlessly the living presence of my Beloved, God?

–  When am I not loving and feeling the presence of God’s love in everyone and myself?
–  Who am I (the Soul, Spirit, Atman, Higher Self, Eternal I, a mystery) who now just loves you God, ceaselessly, my Eternal Friend and Beloved? – There is more internal space in our bodies according to physicists than in the billions of galaxies in the universe.
–  Who am I who now endlessly loves myself and all with patience and compassion?

–  Who are You who are limitless love?
–  Who am I who is limitless peace permeating all my feelings and thoughts now?
–  Who am I who is the vastness of eternal peace saturating every moment past, present and future?
–  Who am I who am the vastness of eternal love and peace permeating every atom, every cell, and every part of my body now?

– Who am I who gratefully and lovingly serves God in all I meet?

–  Who am I who am freed from all pain and disease?

–  Who am I who feels the silence underneath what I’m hearing now?

–  Who are You,  (God, Lord, Creator of all that is, Beloved of my Soul) who love me now and always?  (You may want to repeat this or any of these awarenesses as you breath in and out in a relaxed manner)

– Who am I who observes my mind?

–  Who am I who observe this thought as it comes and goes?

–    Who am I who witnesses this thought as it arises and falls away?
–  Who are You whose Love and Light permeates all creation, and is closer to me than my body, my thoughts and feelings?

–  Who are You who know the answer to my every problem?

-Who am I who is guiding me to the answer to my every challenge or question? –

-Who am I who accepts this moment is the only moment that exists?

–  Who are You whose love is always there?

–  Who am I who loves you now and always?

–  Who am I who accepts without resistance this moment as it is? (Without justifying myself, making myself or another wrong,)

–  Who am I who only feels the vast presence of your love, God?

–  Who am I that am eternal, untouched by aging, pain, fear, desire, and attachment?

–   Who am I whose love and peace is now totally free from being limited by any belief, feeling, or thought or experience I’ve ever heard, read, seen or thought?

–    Who am I who courageously faces and moving through this and any pain (fear, addictions, sadness)?

– Who am I who does her/his best and surrenders the results to God and life?
–  Who am I who feels the presence of God’s love, which is beyond the veil of form and separation?

–   Who am I who am grateful for what’s happening now?
–  Who am I who am peacefully aware now of my moods and what I’m feeling without judging it?

–  Who am I who lovingly accepts what I’m feeling now?

Who am I?  Who are you really?  Who am I really?

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