Emotional Freedom Technique’s  Effectiveness Increased 19 Ways

Learn 19 simple  ways to increase EFT’S effectiveness in dissolving the intensity of frustration, anxiety,  and depression.

*Basic EFT Technique created by Gary Craig:

Emotional Freedom Technique:  Just as  acupuncture deactivates areas of the brain that are affected  by fear and pain  (as evidenced by scientists using MRI to study acupuncture’s effect), EFT tapping on acupuncture points creates a similar therapeutic effect. By stimulating the electromagnetic flow by tapping on acupuncture points, you can help decrease the intensity of upsetting feelings and lessen your reaction to pain.  EFT was inspired from Dr. Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy.  At tines, I  work with both of these self-help techniques which augment the effectiveness of each one.

First, rate the intensity of your reactions from 0-10 with 10 being very upset and 0 feeling calm, centered, optimistic.

Procedure: Gently tap top of head, side of eye brow, under the eye, under the nose, above your chin, below your collar bone, under your arm while focusing on stressful feelings (frustration, depression, worry, grief, fear).  It doesn’t matter which side of your face you tap or which hand you use.  If the intensity doesn’t completely clear from the first round of  tapping, then you can increase the effectiveness by by tapping first on the side of your hand (little finger side) and saying three times: Even though I have this _(frustration, for example)_____, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  Then do the basic EFT tapping sequence again. See if the intensity of your reaction has gone down. Persistence, patience and  letting go pave the way to success.

1. Before you open your eyes in the morning do EFT taping as you  repeat Affirmations (see my 58 radiant health affirmations blog), mantra or prayer to set the tone for your day.  (For example, I  gratefully greet this day with love and joy in my heart)   Find 5 things you’re going to feel grateful for today before you open your eyes while you tap.

2. Learn Alpha Effortless Breathing – increases your breath 10-50%  effortlessly  as you shift your brain waves to Alpha. By doing EFT tapping with or without repeating affirmations  in the Alpha Brain wave state, you will help deepen your release of whatever is upsetting you. By increasing your alpha brain waves you become more relaxed, centered, and intuitive, and have increased levels of endorphins as you sense the whole picture of what happened.

3. Dissolving Pain:  Focus briefly on sensing your whole body and the pain that you’re feeling. Then visualize, picture, imagine or pretend your body (the place where you felt pain) is completely and perfectly healthy.   Now Do the EFT tapping sequence to help clear the emotional pain which will help reset your brain to send healing energy wherever it’s needed. Repeat several times and twice a day.  Tap 8 to 16 seconds on each point to reprogram your brain and nervous system to maximize results. (Note this does not substitute for proper medical diagnosis and treatment)

Do EFT tapping with or without repeating affirmations as you focus on areas of pain  while sending your body a loving smile. According to doctors, a smile helps activate the circulation which can help the body recover quicker.

4. Weight Mastery:  Do EFT tapping with or without affirmations before you eat and between each bite.  This can help in losing excess weight caused by overeating.  For example you might say, I eat light and feel bright.


5. Centering yourself  in your car or before work:  Do EFT tapping with or without saying affirmation ( tap  for 8-16 seconds just before you start driving your car).

6. Get into the regular practice of tapping  at a specific time each day or once a week. Every little bit helps.  This helps over time reprogram your subconscious mind to a higher level of health, vitality, love, abundance and joy. Strengthen your optimistic confidence determination level by doing EFT with affirmations.

7. Weight Mastery focus: Do EFT Tapping with or without repeating  affirmations. You can tap while chewing each bite of food up to 30-60 times per mouthful. Centers and uplifts you from using food to manage your emotions or stress level.

8. Do EFT tapping with or without affirmations while in your morning shower.   Cleanse any draining emotions and your body at the same time.

9. Dissolving Relationship Stress: Do EFT tapping with or without saying 1-2 of your favorites affirmations and before you react in anger or impatience when your triggered by what someone has said or done. Have a prearranged signal (make a T with both hands- timeout) when your triggered by what’s happening. Then each of you do 3-7 minutes of EFT with or without affirmations while looking at each others eyes.

10. EFT & Insomnia: Visualize, picture, imagine or pretend that you go to sleep effortless and sleep deeply and wake up feeling fantastic. Then do EFT tapping.  Repeat Affirmations and do EFT tapping  before sleep so the transforming and nurturing effects go deep into your subconscious mind. This helps with insomnia, achieving personal and abundance goals. Look on my Alpha Effortless Breathing  blog (see #2 in the article) to learn how to shift your brainwaves to alpha or theta to help you overcome insomnia.


11.  Be in each moment as you do EFT tapping.  Allow your awareness to relax into exactly what you’re doing as you do EFT tapping. The transforming potential of living in each moment is truly amazing! This is the only moment that exists.

12. Spray or drink Quantum Stilus Water Remedies anywhere on your body do EFT tapping with or without affirmations.  These unique water remedies will amplify your positive affirmations and EFT’s effectiveness as it resonates from your DNA and to every cell in your body. Quantum Stilus Water Remedies

13. Mindfulness meditative awareness & EFT:  Witness yourself  doing EFT tapping.

14. Could you now allow yourself to feel the silent calmness within your Soul (Spirit, Higher Self)  before you  do EFT tapping? Answer yes, and  then you let go of trying to feel the silence and just allow it to happen as you do EFT tapping.

15.  Empowering Self Confidence and Forgiveness: Pick one or  more of these affirmations as you do EFT tapping and repeat during the day.

16. Re-programming the subconscious mind: Repeat EFT tapping and Affirmations hourly.  Repeat them twice or more daily.

17. Re-programming the subconscious mind Remember your unconscious mind needs 40 days of affirmation repetition to reprogram it for success and self-empowerment. Tapping accelerates this process significantly.

18. EFT with Breathing Techniques:  Do EFT tapping when your breath has a natural pause. The pause state of your breath increases naturally your ability to be aware and understand what’s happening in your life.

19. EFT with Breathing Techniques: Do EFT tapping with or without affirmations as you inhale or exhale with your breath. Repeat affirmations in rhythm with your inhale and exhale to deepen their potency.

See my other blogs for 15 more ways to enhance EFT tension clearing effectiveness and 58 Life affirming affirmations to use with EFT.

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Deepening your inner and outer transformation of your limitless potential

by Integrating EFT with:

Sedona Method  by Hale Dwoskin* Heart Math by Doc Lew Childre * Effortless Living by Chris Payne * Psych- by Rob Williams *Intuitional Releasing by Robert Labensart * Alchemical Hypnotherapy * Hypnotherapy *Cellular Release Therapy * Alpha Breathing Techniques

When we have unresolved emotional stress, it drains our natural ability to respond with clarity and self-confidence to personal, relationship and financial challenges in our daily life. Many of my clients use these techniques daily (7-30 minutes each day) to dissolve the inner charge of anger, depression, worry and fears. By freeing yourself from this unnecessary past and present stress, you can increase your level of self-confidence, inner peace, vitality, forgiveness, and joy. These therapies can be done silently anywhere. For most people the intensity of whatever is upsetting them usually drains away fairly quickly (5 to 30 minutes) through these unique processes.

Our subconscious mind is 100 million times stronger than our conscious mind. It is so important to work with and transform any limiting beliefs or destructive patterns that is the subconscious cause for aging, pain and dis-ease.When our subconscious mind is triggered it is so easy to react without really thinking of what we’re saying or doing. The root cause of addictions may rests in unresolved sabotaging beliefs and traumatic experiences from our past. The subconscious  tapes cause us to repeat what really doesn’t make us  happy, healthier, centered and loving.

By learning 1-2 of these unique therapeutic approaches and with EFT, you  will significantly increase  your ability to cleanse and reprogram your subconscious mind of what limits your infinite potential to be happier, healthier and more loving.  These therapeutic approaches also will help you experience more effortlessly your natural, contemplative mind.  The increased inner calmness will help you align and work with your Higher Self or Soul. Our essence knows how to effortless free us from suffering. Many  meditators  have told me that these techniques have increased the inner peace, intuitive clarity and feelings of compassionate love in their meditation.

Hypnotherapy with EFT

In your hypnotherapy session, I guide your into an aware, peaceful trance state where  you visualize, imagine or pretend a miniature you or mini-you is doing EFT tapping or doing one of these other techniques to clear and reprogram your unresolved subconscious feelings and beliefs of a traumatic experience. This can be done at one of my offices or by phone or online video sessions.

Psych-K with EFT

Our willpower and our choices can be undermined when our subconscious mind takes over.  For example, our subconscious programing and experience maybe that overeating unhealthy foods and being overweight is a correct way to live since our mom and dad modeled this. This may make it very difficult to consistently choose to eat the right foods and the right amount of foods and exercise.Many people use what they eat and how they eat to manage their upsetting emotions.   A  part of the our subconscious beliefs come from our parents and our culture, so it is important to free and heal ourselves from limiting beliefs.  How do we change our subconscious limiting beliefs and actions that limit us? To answer this,  you can use Psych-K, which uses whole brain stimulation, with or without EFT tapping sequences and affirmations.

HeartMath with EFT

For example, our heart beats 100,000 beats a day and moves our blood over 60,000 miles of blood vessels. Our heart is thousands of times magnetically and electrically stronger than our brain. Who ultimately wins in an argument our brain or our heart? The unresolved subconscious upsets which is partially represented by our pain body (Eckart Tolle’s, The Power of Now)  can sabotage how much love, joy, abundance and freedom we can feel in our relationships and within ourselves and in life.  HeartMath’s unique approach helps to clear the stress that changes the quality of our heartbeat. A stress laden heartbeat contributes directly to aging, pain and stress. The EM wave heart monitor I use shows you when your heartbeat is peaceful or filled with stress. You can then see how relatively easily you can free your heartbeat from stress by doing HeartMath techniques and EFT.  One of the most powerful and healing energies we have is our heartbeat. Combining EFT tapping and Heartmath’s technique is very beneficial to your all-round health and vitality.

*Cellular Release Therapy  *Intuitional Releasing *Sedona Method 


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 Disclaimer: These approaches do not substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. This blog and my website is for informational purposes and the public must take full responsibility for their use of it.