Emotional Freedom Technique’s Effectivness Increased 15 Ways- Radiant Health, Weight Mastery & Abundance.

 by Robert Labensart, CHT, CMT, RYT

“What I believe is true or will become true.”

The more positive we are the more life brings us abundance, love, radiant health, joy, and peace. “I am strong, I am weak. The only difference is a thought. ” How we respond or react to life’s experiences affects us throughout our whole life.  Inner health comes from loving acceptance of whatever we’re feeling.  Shifting our interpretation to a more positive outlook brings peace of mind and increased levels of self-confidence.   Yoga philosophy emphasizes going from darkness to light, from fear to courage, from anger to forgiveness, from hate to love. Affirmations and positive outlook are wonderful expressions of how we can manifest so much more peace, joy, abundance and love in our life. EFT Tapping Therapy is one of many  effective ways to help clear the internal obstacles of worry, fear, depression, sabotaging beliefs or experiences.


*Basic EFT Technique created by Gary Craig: Please Check out his youtube video (http://youtu.be/khrYBaPm8Uo) on how to do this simple and effective self therapy.

Emotional Freedom Technique:  Just as acupuncture deactivates areas of the brain that are effected by fear and pain (as evidenced by scientists using MRI to study acupuncture’s effect), EFT tapping on acupuncture points creates a similar therapeutic effect. These electromagnetic effects can help decrease the intensity of upsetting feelings and lessen our reaction to pain.

Procedure: First rate the intensity of your reactions from 0-10 with 10 being very upset and 0 feeling calm, centered, optimistic.  Then, gently tap the top of your head, inside of eye brow (near top of nose), under the eye, under the nose, above your chin, below your collar bone, under your arm while focusing on challenging stressful feelings  (depression, worry, grief, fear).  It doesn’t matter which side of your face you do or which hand you use.  Check again to see how much  the intensity of your reactions have decreased. If the intensity doesn’t completely clear completely doing  the first round of  tapping, then you can increase the effectiveness by by tapping first on the side of your hand (little finger side) and saying: Even though I have this ______, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  Then do the basic EFT tapping sequence again. Repeat as often as needed.


15 Ways to increase EFT’S  Transforming Effectiveness:

1.   Increasing Joy: Smile as you do EFT  Tapping while repeat affirmations/ intention/resolve/goal/focus.

2. Meditation & Contemplation:  Allow yourself to be aware of the inner presence of your Soul (Higher Self, Guardian Angel or God) that is witnessing you doing  EFT tapping and of your thoughts and feelings that come and go. Dive into this ocean of the presence of endless joy and love, which is your essential nature.

3. Healing Relationships: Visualize, imagine, picture or pretend your inner child, teenager  or partner is saying/singing these affirmations to you and you are lovingly or compassionately saying these affirmations to them as you do EFT tapping.

4. Brain Clearing & EFT:  Do EFT Tapping Sequence while doing  kegels (with or without doing affirmations). Kegels help lessen high blood pressure  (medical study) but they also stimulate parts of the brain that are helpful in clearing stress.

 5. Yoga, Qigong, Pilates & EFT: Say out-loud or silently affirmations and do EFT taping in between Yoga, Qigong or Pilates poses.  Experience how this clears current or residual emotional stress. Yoga Poses which can be combined easily with EFT tapping:  Spinal Twist (Matsyendrasana), Head to Knee Posture (Janushirasana),  and the Shivasana Pose.

6. How many seconds does it takes to  influence your Heart, Lungs, Brain & Body Vitality with EFT?  Normally, it takes 8 seconds for  the blood to go from the heart to the brain and back. It takes 16 seconds for the blood to go from your heart to your toes and back. By doing EFT tapping on each point for 8 or 16 seconds, you increase its effects on all levels.

Procedure: Repeat your Set up  Goal, Focus, or Affirmations  (Weight Mastery, for example: eating less and the right types of food is your goal.  One affirmation you could use is: I eat light and feel bright or I eat light and chew each mouthful thoroughly.)  Say this out-loud for 8 seconds as you do EFT tapping.  This will allow your affirmation to reprogram you brain and your nervous system for success, greater health, self confidence, weight loss, and forgiveness. Repeat 1-3 times.

7.  Say the Intent Affirmations as if you they are true with a  zestful tone of voice and positive body posture while doing EFT tapping. Go for the gold! This procedure will help dissolve self-doubt and sabotaging feelings.

8. Centering Technique: Repeat EFT tapping with or without  affirmations (Create your own affirmations or see my blog about different affirmations) to center yourself.

 9. EFT & Dissolving Heart Dis-stress :  Sing the affirmation(s)  from your heart as you do EFT tapping sequence. Unconditional Love is the strongest medicine to heal and transform ourselves sand others that exits. For example: “I deeply accept who I am when I unconditionally love myself and others.”

10. Healing Relationships & EFT: Sing or say Transforming Affirmations  out-loud with your partner or friend as you tap and look into each others eyes. (clears interpersonal stress)

11. Deepening EFT therapeutic effects:  Sing the affirmations, then say them, then whisper them, then repeat them silently as you continue the EFT  tapping sequence.  Then whisper them, then say them, then sing them and then repeat them silently.   This process deepens their transforming effects and is helpful in improving your memory.

12. Be Playful and Creative with EFT:  Make saying affirmations and doing EFT tapping as a challenge or a game to use to inspire yourself to persevere and to succeed.

13. Increasing Chi or Life force in your life: Could you now allow yourself to feel and absorb the energy field of the sun, mountains, oceans, the universe (while doing EFT tapping)?  Say Yes and do EFT tapping for  7 seconds on each point and then ask again.

14. Self Transformation EFT: Ask this question within:  “Could you now allow yourself to access every time you were positive (forgiving, optimistic, cheerful, courageous) as you doing EFT Tapping ?”  Say Yes and then do EFT tapping as you  allow your Soul (Higher Self) to create this positive and resourceful reality. It’s important to allow this to happen and let go of trying to create a specific positive frame of mind.

15.  Creating a vast loving energy field- Healing the planet with love: Ask and answer this question within yourself: “Can you now allow yourself to visualize, imagine or pretend yourself creating/accessing  an Unconditional Loving Energy Field  including everyone at any time in the history of our planet that was/are positive, loving, compassionate, etc. as you do EFT  Tapping?”  With this heightened, unconditionally loving outlook, feel this Divine Love and forgiveness that exists within each Soul and unites everyone.  Allow this ever embracing love to merge with whatever you’re feeling now.



See my other blogs for 19 more ways to enhance EFT tension clearing effectiveness and 58 Life affirming affirmations to use with EFT. If you need compassionate, professional support in working through life’s daily challenges and the traumatic experiences in your past, you may want to consider working with me or another health professional.


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by Integrating EFT with:

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When we have unresolved emotional stress, it drains our natural ability to respond with clarity and self-confidence to personal, relationship and financial challenges in our daily life. Many of my clients use these techniques daily (7-30 minutes each day) to dissolve the charge of anger, depression, worry and fears. By freeing yourself from this unnecessary past and present stress, you can increase your level of self-confidence, inner peace, vitality, forgiveness, and joy. These therapies can be done silently anywhere. For most people the intensity of whatever is upsetting them usually drains away fairly quickly (5 to 30 minutes) through these unique processes.

Our subconscious mind is 100 million times stronger than our conscious mind. It is so important to work with and transform any limiting beliefs or destructive patterns that are the subconscious cause for aging, pain and dis-ease.When our subconscious mind is triggered it is easy to react without really thinking of what we’re saying or doing. The root cause of addictions rests in unresolved, sabotaging beliefs and traumatic experiences from our past. The subconscious  tapes cause us to repeat what doesn’t make us happy, healthier, centered and loving.

By learning 1 or more of these therapeutic approaches and with EFT, you  will significantly

 increase  your ability to cleanse and reprogram your subconscious mind of what limits your infinite potential to be happier, healthier and more loving.  These therapeutic approaches also will help you  effortlessly deepen your meditation.  The increased inner calmness will help you align and work with your Higher Self or Soul. Our essence knows how to free us from suffering. attachment and personality imbalances. Many  medittators  have told me that these techniques have increased the inner peace, intuitive clarity and feelings of compassionate love not only in their meditation  but improves the quality of their relationships.


Why not free yourself from what limits you?

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