Affirmations for Centering, Inspiration, Healing, Weight Mastery

Robert Labensart, CHT, CMT, RYT

“What I believe is true or will become true.”

*The more positive we are the more life brings us abundance, love, health, joy, and peace. I am strong, I am weak. The only difference is a thought.  How we respond or react to life’s experiences affects us throughout our whole life.  Inner health comes from loving acceptance of whatever we’re feeling.  Shifting our interpretation of whatever we’re feeling to a more positive outlook brings peace of mind.   Yoga philosophy emphasizes going from darkness to light, from fear to courage, from anger to forgiveness, from hate to love. Affirmations and positive outlook are wonderful expressions of how we can manifest so much more peace, joy, abundance and love in our life.


Ways to increase Affirmations and Positive Thinking Effectiveness:


* Repeat your affirmations out-loud or silently for 8 seconds. It takes 8 seconds for  the blood to go from the heart to the brain and back. This will allow your affirmation to reprogram you brain and your nervous system for success, greater health, self confidence, and forgiveness.

* Say them as if you they are true with a positive, zestful tone of voice and body posture. Go for the gold!

* Repeat them while doing kegels. Kegels help lessen high blood pressure but they also stimulate parts of the brain that are helpful in clearing stress.

* Sing them from your heart.

* Sing or say them silently or out-loud to anyone you meet and especially to those close to you.

* Sing the affirmations, then say them, then whisper them, then repeat them silently.  Then whisper them, then say them, then sing them and then repeat them silently.   This process deepens their transforming effects and is helpful in improving your memory.

* Say or sing them in rhythm to your step when you’re walking or doing yoga or any other activity.

* Say them each morning as you shower.

* Say them for 30 seconds just before you start driving your car.

* Get into the regular practice of doing it at a specific time each day.

* Say or sing 1-3 affirmations before you eat and between each bite.  This can help in losing excess weight caused by overeating.    Weight Mastery

* Repeat your centering and nurturing affirmation as you chew each bite of food up to 30 times per mouthful.

* Say 1-2 of your favorites before you react in anger when your triggered by what someone has said or done.

* Repeat them before sleep so they go deep into your subconscious mind.

*  Be in this moment as you say them.

* Before you open your eyes in the morning repeat at least one of them several times to set the tone for your day.  Find 5 things you’re going to feel grateful for today before you open your eyes.

* Spray or drink Quantum Stilus Water Remedies anywhere on your body as you repeat your affirmations.  These unique water remedies will amplify your positive affirmations as it resonates from your DNA and to every cell in your body. Quantum Stilus Water Remedies

* Witness yourself saying them. Mindfulness meditative awareness.

* Could you now allow yourself to feel the silence, the inner calmness of being before and after you say these affirmations? Yes,  Then you let go trying to feel the silence and just allow it to happen.

* And will you now allow yourself to feel the Divine Presence that is always there before, during and after you’re saying these affirmations (or whatever you do in life)?  Yes.

* Could you now allow yourself to feel the living energy ( the chi),  the energy field of the universe that permeates whatever you’re saying or doing?  Yes.

* Could you now allow yourself to access every time you were positive (forgiving, optimistic, cheerful, courageous) as you’re saying these affirmations?   Yes. Then you just allow your Soul (Higher Self, your brain) to make it happen without you even trying.

* Can you now allow yourself to visualize, picture, imagine or pretend yourself making a Positivity (Love, Energy, Chi, Joy, Optimistic, Forgiveness, Courage, Compassion) field including everyone at any time in history that were positive, loving, compassionate, etc.?  With this heightened positivity say these affirmations to everyone and imagine them saying them to you.

* Learn Alpha Effortless Breathing – increases your breath 10-50% as you shift your brain waves to Alpha.  When you repeat affirmations in Alpha Brain wave state, they deeply effect and heal your conscious and subconscious mind, brain and nervous system.

* Do Psych-K, whole brain stimulation to deepen significantly the positive affirmations which will reprogram  your subconscious mind.

* Repeat affirmations when you’re doing yoga postures.

* Repeat affirmations to different parts of your body that need loving attention (areas of pain or dis-ease) as you smile at your body.

* Pick one or  more of these affirmations to repeat throughout the day.

* Repeat affirmations while doing EFT –excellent approach

* Repeat them hourly.  Repeat them twice a day

* Remember your unconscious mind needs 40 days of affirmation repetition to reprogram it for success and self-empowerment.

* Repeat them when your breath has a natural pause.

*Repeat them as you inhale or exhale with your breath. Repeating affirmations in rhythm with your inhale and exhale deepens their potency.

* Repeat them to center yourself.

* Visualize, imagine, picture or pretend your Soul (Higher Self), Guardian Angel or God is saying them to you with unconditional love.

* Visualize, imagine, picture or pretend your inner child or teenager is saying them to you and you are lovingly saying these affirmations to them.

* Smile as you say them.

* Make saying affirmations a challenge or a game to use to inspire yourself to persevere and to succeed.



Affirmations – the path of being delightfully positive

1. I relax, do my best and life is beautiful.

2. My eyesight (digestion, immune system) is getting better and better every day in every way. Every part of me is getting healthier and stronger every day in every way.

3. I eat light and feel bright.

4. I confidently react and respond to criticism with peaceful compassion (patience, assertiveness).

5. Infinite energy and grace is now healing my (specific health challenge) day and night.

6. I have faith that God and I can overcome this challenge.

7. I respond to criticism with understanding and patience.

8. It’s ok to say no and it’s ok to say yes.

9. I let go of what doesn’t really work for me anymore.

10. I feel this irrational fear, and let it go by doing it anyway.

11. I compassionately accept whatever I am now feeling.

12. I choose to gratefully see the bright side of whatever is happening.

13. All my questions are answered within by loving God even more.

14. All my wants and desires are satisfied by loving God even more.


15. “I am an incorrigible optimist.” Babaji

16. I keep God’s love in my heart and move onwards without fearing anyone or anything.

17. I enjoy the challenge of being compassionately centered now and in all difficult moments.

18. “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” Dali Lama

19. Be optimistic (patient, loving, grateful) whenever possible. It is always possible.

20. I am stubbornly determined to succeed no matter what.

21. I enjoy letting go of  worries and frustrations.  I confidently let go of this worry  and frustration.

22. This moment is the only moment that exists.

23. I relax into the stillness within whatever is happening.

24. I now allow myself to let go into the stillness of presence.

25. I smile at the beauty within myself, others and in this amazing world.

26. I now let go dwelling on “what if” scenarios.

27. “If not now, when.”  Rabii Hillel, President John F. Kennedy

28. I witness the space that allows this moment to be.

29. “Ah, this too is wonderful  (challenging).”  Repeat often.

30. With every breath, I am getting better and better.

31. With every breath, I am getting happier and happier.

32.  I now choose to feel grateful (to find a solution) instead of complaining.

33. I go beyond my comfort level  to manifest my infinite potential.

34. I love myself as I am as I optimistically embrace this moment.

35. I accept you as you are. I love God within myself and in you. I gratefully and joyfully serve God within you.

36.  I now choose to embrace this frustration (fear, impatience) with kindness and love. I peaceful witness this feeling as it comes and as it goes.

37. I now choose to confidently see this mistake as a valuable lesson, challenge and feedback that life and God is giving me. What is the lesson, challenge and feedback?    And can I now accept it as best as I can?  Choose an affirmation that represents your lesson, challenge or feedback.

38. As I learn and change from my mistakes my level of forgiveness (confidence, inner peace, wisdom) grows deeper.

39. I gratefully forgive myself, mom and dad and everyone for all their past and present mistakes.        I am confidently centered with clear healthy boundaries.

40.  I go beyond my and your past limitations with courageous wisdom and assertiveness.

41. I  now let go of withholding my love for you however you respond.

42. I now let go of desiring your approval as I do my best and my best is good enough.

43. I stubbornly refuse to repeat my parent’s limitations.

44. I courageous accept whatever I  am feeling.  I confidently and compassionately accept whatever you’re feeling.

45. I patiently and compassionately respond to whatever is happening between us.

46. I respond to life’s challenges with more random acts of kindness.

47.I now clearly and confidently see beyond the feedback my worry is giving me.

48. I now joyfully smile at my upsets as they dissolve.

49. I give my fears and worries a new job- protector and counselor of my realm.

50. It gives me great joy to accept the challenges that is happening.

51. “I have never failed, I have only had feedback”

52. My feelings of gratefulness increases with each exhale.

53. “Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, for as many as you can, for as long as you can” Babaji

54. Thank you God (Soul, Spirit, Higher Self) for this challenge.  Please forgive me Creator of All that is. I love you God within myself and all that I feel and see.  Please show me the way, God.   Inspired from “Ho’oponopono. Zero Limits The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace.”  Check it out.

55. “I am content with what I have be it little or be it much” Louisa May Alcott, Little Woman

56. I confidently persist until I succeed.

57. I peacefully witness this anxiety as it comes and as it goes.  I confidently witness this worry as it comes and as it dissolves.

58. I confidently greet this moment and this day with gratefulness and optimism.


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