Trigger Point Therapy & Spinal  Yoga Nerve Therapy   

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* This effective combination of Trigger Point Therapy and Spinal Yoga Nerve Therapy has helped many of my clients be free from acute and chronic back pain, neck pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis and frozen shoulder. Trigger Point Therapy was developed by Dr. Travell, MD and Dr. Nemo who found this 80% effective for most acute and chronic pain in a series of session.

* For example, one client came in with severe arthritis in both her knees which made it painful for her to walk.  I worked on her twice a week for one month helping bring the pain level down to almost nothing. In the process, I also taught her Trigger Point Therapy which she started doing 15 minutes daily. The result was she now can walk without pain.

* In 26 years of massage practice, I have seen a series of 1-10 sessions of Trigger Point Therapy has helped dissolve a significant amount of pain in acute and chronic back pain, neck pain, whiplash, sciatica pain, lumbago pain, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, knee pain, migraines, and plantar fasciatis. The clients who consistently benefitted the most from my sessions,  have integrated 10-30 minutes of  either yoga, qigong, trigger point therapy or reflexology into their life routine. Usually, this takes 5- 10 minutes of their hour session to learn these simple yet very effective self help techniques.


* One of the core techniques which I have found consistent pain relieving results from is Yoga Spinal Nerve Therapy. This gentle but deep acting technique involves working on clearing excess constriction or toxins in the muscles, ligaments and tendons around the spine. This helps increase the flow of life force flowing through the spinal column which helps eliminate pain much faster. Yoga Spinal Nerve Therapy is an ancient yoga massage technique.  Initially, I palpate different areas of the back, shoulder and neck to assess the level of pain, congestion or inflammation. After doing Yoga Spinal Nerve Therapy for 5-15 minutes, most of my clients are not only more relaxed but pain in their back, neck, shoulders, arms has been reduced significantly.   For people suffering from migraines, I use and teach you Dr. Koryo hand acupressure system. Dr. Koryo is a MD and an acupuncturist from Korea.  Recently a client who had migraines from two months unabated after her second session resorted she was not having any more migraines. After this, I continue with Trigger Point Therapy to help clear deeper areas of pain or stiffness that have been bothering them. For most of my clients, I end with Foot reflexology which stimulates the 72,000 nerve endings in the foot. Reflexology can either be very relaxing or stimulating the circulation if I increase the pressure of the massage. I customize the pressure that I use with Trigger Point Therapy according to my clients’ feedback.

* Yoga Spinal Nerve therapy is a ancient breakthrough approach to dissolving stored tension and stress from excess sitting, computer work, computer time and upsetting experiences that effect not only the spinal column but the cranial sacral fluid. The cranial sacral fluid which flows between the brain and every nerve in our body stores the imprint of every stress physical or emotional. This in turn, impacts the aging process and the potential to experience pain and disease. My yoga teacher said Yoga Spinal Nerve Therapy reverses aging of the spine, brain and the nervous system. The internal quietness and deep restorative relaxation from getting Yoga Spinal Nerve Therapy done regularly is an anicdote to the many of the stresses of modern civilization.

* For some of my clients who prefer not to go deep with  Trigger Point Therapy, I usually do their whole back of their body with Yoga Spinal Nerve Therapy for  30 minutes. I then add Reflexology, Polarity Therapy, Shiatsu, CranioSacral therapy which is gentle but very helpful in reducing pain, stress and increasing the body’s internal vitality. This in turn aids your body in restoring greater health and dissolving pain. In the last several years, I have developed extensively Yoga Spinal Nerve Therapy by incorporating CranioSacral Therapy, Qigong Energy Massage and Reiki into it.  This has deepened the pain relieving effects significantly.

If you’re interested in experiencing how Trigger Point Therapy and Spinal Yoga Nerve Therapy can potentiality help ease acute or chronic pain in your body, email or call me to answer any questions you may still have or set up an appointment. I also have offices in Petaluma and San Rafael, CA. or 707-396-8788.

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