Yoga & Emotional Freedom Technique – Radiant Health, Vitality, Peace, Longevity

Click here for how to do EFT  to learn how to do this simple, effective way to dissolve the intensity of negative feelings and to improve health while doing yoga.

*Yoga & EFT Technique: The path towards Radiant Health, Vitality, Peace, Longevity

1) Repeat affirmations,  mindfulness, mantra, or prayer silently or out-loud while doing yoga. Repeat them as if true in your tone of voice and body posture.  Do one round of EFT tapping.

You can also focus on a goal that you’re striving to achieve.

Goals to focus on with Yoga and EFT:

Radiant health, inner peace, abundance, healthy relationships, increasing your energy level, greater flexibility, relaxing every part of your body, all meridians are open and balanced, healthy digestion, dissolving pain, and 20/20 vision.  Results do vary.


Measure your level of acceptance:

Ascertain your level of acceptance of this goal from 0 to 10. Ten means that you’re optimistic and believe in it, and trust it will happen or that it already is true and zero means that you have serious doubts that it could happen.

“Represent what you want, not what you don’t want.” (Shrii Anandamurti ) Focus on your goal as if it’s true and do what you need to practically manifest it.


Yoga & EFT technique:

1) Then do one round of EFT tapping in the yoga pose or in between each side.  As you do the EFT tapping, allow yourself to let go of your attachment for any specific result while witnessing your thoughts and feelings coming and going.  Be in each moment.

2) Do one round of Spinal Twist both directions. Repeat another round of EFT tapping and then check in to see how more positive you are now.

3) Continue alternating your yoga posture with EFT tapping. Be patient, listen too your body and your Inner Self. Focus on your goal while being aware of any sabotaging feeling or belief.  See how combining Yoga and EFT helps dissolve whatever is limiting you. Practice this 7-30 minutes daily or once or twice each week.


Further Techniques combining Yoga with EFT:

1. Increasing Joy: Smile while you’re doing EFT tapping and wherever you feel tight or constricted in your yoga poses. Remember relaxation creates the stretch.

2. Yoga Poses & EFT:  Do EFT tapping while you’re doing Yoga Pose: Spinal Twist (Matsyendrasana), Head to Knee Posture (Janushirasana),  Shvasana, or the Crocodile Pose. As you relax, you will find yourself and let go even more of stress and whatever is limiting your immense potential.

3. EFT & Breath work: Do EFT tapping when your breath has a natural pause before, after a yoga pose.

4. EFT & Breath work: Repeat EFT tapping as you inhale or exhale with your breath before or after each yoga pose.

Integrating Yoga, EFT & Clearing Subconscious sabotaging beliefs:

“Integrating EFT and yoga together is a wonderful way to deepen releasing and clearing of upsetting emotions that drain your vitality and peace of mind. Aging, pain and dis-ease are definitely linked to the amount of destructive stress and sabotaging beliefs we experience and hold onto consciously or subconsciously. The subconscious mind controls vital processes in our body. It is 100 million times stronger than our conscious mind. For example, if your subconscious mind believes that it’s not safe in the world then you may many times encounter anxiety and worry coming up.   It’s difficult to argue with the subconscious mind, which acts like a tape-recorder playing the same reaction or tune that you unconsciously memorized from a past trauma.

I teach many of my clients emotional clearing techniques to help you free yourself from attachments, unhealthy subconscious beliefs and actions and being negatively triggered by relationships. This can be easily combined with EFT. One of the most difficult challenges is to transform sabotaging beliefs and limiting experiences that affect us.

Yoga Self Transformation Approaches:

1). Effortless Alpha Breathing in Yoga Poses: See my Effortless Breathing blog for how to change your brainwaves to Alpha, Theta, Delta while doing your yoga poses. It combines Yoga, Qigong, and techniques from the Menenger Brain Institute.

2).  RC & Yoga: Emotional Discharge during your yoga session to dissolve  fears, depression, anxiety, and anger. Learn to laugh and cry to release stressful emotions.

3).  Polarity Yoga: Integrating the natural life-force (chi or prana) of your body while doing Polarity Therapy (developed by Dr. Stone) while doing Yoga Poses. Deepens inner peace, dissolving stress and pain Helpful for sciatica, depression and anxiety clearing, PTSD, insomnia.

4).  Qigong Yoga: As a qigong teacher, my students have immensely benefited by combining qigong meditation awareness and qigong poses with their yoga practice. Learn the 5 types of mind meditation awareness and 10 steps to activate the meridian flow and increase the level of your chi or life force. This can be done during your yoga practice or at anytime.

5) Yoga & Sedona MethodBy releasing the intensity of unresolved emotion in your body and in the micro-expressions in your face, the Sedona Method helps free yourself from depression, anxiety, overeating, and addictions.


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