Life is too short to be anything but happy.  If not now, when?” Who is stopping you from being more compassionate, centered, healthy, loving?


Be a friend to yourself so you can be a friend to all, love and accept yourself completely so you can love God in all & feel God’s peace.


“Be calm, be silent, in time, everything will become clear” BABA

Can you now accept that everything but this moment is a picture memory? And that a picture or image of a rattlesnake or fire can’t hurt you

There is more space inside us than the billions of galaxies outside us, And each person, each moment, each flower is a mystery to embrace.

Small kids laugh over 500 laughs daily. Men laugh 8 laughs and women are in between.Laughing feels great, helps dissolve pain, lose weight.

Seek within the mystery of who you are eternally to realize you always are one with the Divine Beloved. If not now, when?

Who am I who mindfully is aware of thoughts and feelings coming and going, arising and dissolving into the vastness of the mystery?

Who are you who loves me unconditionally no matter what I say do or believe? And who am I who unconditionally loves you always?

Can anything or anyone limit the eternal? Why ever be limited by the past? Realize you are the freedom you seek.


Who am I? Who am I who is untouched by all that has, is or will happen to me or anyone? Who am I was loves all, and is ever peacefully free?

Who am I who experiences continually limitless peace, love and happiness from God’s love for one and all?

Ask yourself who am I eternally, who is ever free, courageously centered and compassionate. Go on my website and explore who am I meditation

“There is no greater happiness, peace or joy than complete surrender to the Supreme Consciousness or God” BABA

Could you mindfully allow yourself to feel, gratefully welcome and let go of whatever you’re feeling? As you exhale, compassionately be

” Be that who you really are, don’t pretend to be what you’re not.” Himalayan Yoga Master


love from the depths of your eternal smile, love from the presence of stillness within whoever you see love just is

The answer is in the question; a question has no existence without an answer.

Exploring the beauty within, I dive into the vastness of peace within, to gratefully meet each moment As I see myself in all All is one.

Ah, this too is God’s love, Ah, this too will make me more compassionate, centered. Ah, this too is a challenge that I gratefully accept.

“Failure in life does not matter; the greatest misfortune is standing still. “Optimism is the result of love.”


The power of God’s unconditionally love is greater than anything that exists, for it always is, a vast peace untouched by drama or ego,

The firmness of a persons resolve make him or her great. Do and get. Alpha breathing empowers, relaxes centers you. 

We already are one with the are true nature which is infinite love, peace, and joy We cannot see the sun because of the fog.Why not be free?

Is it okay if I allow my level of loving all, feeling more peacefully centered to increase as I take 5 deep,relaxing breaths?Effort FreeLife

Could you now let go seeking, wanting, needing, desiring and mindfully from yours and everyone’s higher self witness everything with love?  Sedona Method and Intuitional Releasing and ClearingP1000788

Feel the irrational fear (false education appearing real) exhale as you feel your breath is an ocean wave upon the beach, and do it anyway.

And can you now joyfully allow yourself to accept that you’ve never failed in your whole life, you’ve just had feedback,lessons, challenges?