Additional Benefits of Cellular Release therapy

  • Dissolving the cellular and emotional effects behind physical injuries and persistent physical and health conditions.
  • Clearing the subconscious causes for pain and dis-ease.
  • Clearing trauma and its impact on the body, acupuncture meridians and energy systems
  • Becoming the new you:  Dissolving repetitive thoughts, which create the same choices.  These create the same emotions, the same behaviors, the same neurochemistry and hormones and genetic imprints. They entangle you in dysfunctional relationships with yourself and others and can create pain and health challenges.
  • Releasing and clearing of all sabotaging beliefs, thoughts, body chemistry, imprints and impressions in the body and subconscious mind from traumatic and painful experiences that continue to limit and create suffering in your life. “Ninety-five percent of who you are by the time you’re 35 years old is a set of memorized behaviors, skills, emotional reactions, beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes that function like a subconscious automatic computer program. You can think positively all you want, but that 5% of your mind that’s conscious will feel as it it’s swimming upstream against the current of the other 95% of your mind- your unconscious body chemistry that has been remembering and memorizing whatever negativity you’ve been harboring for the past 35 tears; that’s the mind and body working in opposition.”  You are the Placebo, by Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Directing  your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, brain, body chemistry and your choices to reflect your limitless potential to be more happy, centered, empowered, compassionate, healthier, loving, humble and courageous. These new choices, new feelings, new responses, new actions come directly from what you tell me in your session.
  • Releasing and clearing programming of your cells when you were in your mother’s womb that was imprinted direction into the immature nervous system and your subconscious mind that is still limiting you.

Cellular Release Therapy is based on the work of  Anne Drucker CCHT

Cellular Release Therapy allows for deep releasing and clearing of trauma, past pain, repressed memories and dysfunctional beliefs. This occurs through a series of questions and instructions spoken directly to the subconscious mind while the client is in a trance. The subconscious mind knows everything that has happened to us. It knows how to heal and effortlessly transform whatever traumatic experiences, upsetting feelings and sabotaging habits that you have. This transformation usually happens without having to re-experience the original trauma. This process works with releasing from the client’s subconscious and cellular memories those beliefs, experiences, feelings, habits, imprints connected with a specific theme. (This theme is developed out of the dialogue at the beginning of each session.)

 Cellular Release Therapy Testimonials:

One of my clients who had been smoking for twenty years had quit previously for about a year using hypnosis (from another Hypnotherapist.) We did three sessions of Cellular Release Therapy and she felt as if she had never smoked before. Completely gone!

Another example: A client experienced years of emotional abuse from her parents. After five sessions, she felt that her emotional trauma was completely purged. This inner freedom and peace strengthened her self-confidence and established healthy boundaries that resulted in a transformed relationship with her mother.

The subconscious mind knows everything that has happened to you, including how to release and clear trauma without having to re-experience it.

How many sessions of Cellular Release Therapy depends on the severity of the specific trauma and how much years of emotional abuse a person has endured. For many of my clients, two to ten sessions is usually all that’s needed for a specific trauma.

If someone has experienced years of traumatic abuse, it may take a five to ten sessions or a year or longer of regular sessions to help nurture, cleanse, empower to help you and your subconscious mind to free yourself. Results vary.


Cellular Release Hypnotherapy Theory:

“The subconscious mind has unlimited ability to receive, record and store information, and to bring forth logical results based on this information, but it has no volition, per se. What the subconscious does not reject, it accepts as fact. So, for instance, in traumatic experiences, internal conclusions and beliefs and the self that result from these experiences, emotions, shock, fears and other data accumulate over the years, at some point it can make perfect sense to the subconscious mind to create an illness or disease of some sort in the body.

“The subconscious mind resides in every cell of the body, and the cells are continuously programmed from the moment of conception.”

“ The subconscious knows exactly how to heal the body, mind and emotions and because it has no volition, as such, it must be directed to do so.

“Cellular Release Therapy TM provides a means by which large amounts of this material can be cleared at once. This material can be specific to a certain issue or topic, which the client determines s/he is ready to have change. By this means the healing can take place incrementally, or in layers, at a pace that honors the client’s own sense of time and safety, while at the same time accelerating the healing process. As this clearing takes place, it progressively decontaminates the natural intelligence of the body/mind.”

“The subconscious knows how to clear the emotional charge from this memory. The client does not lose the memory or the experience, only the emotional charge and /or pain. The energy that has been held in the form of these feelings releases from that form and integrates back into the energy system. We are literally recovering and reclaiming all the parts of ourselves that have been frozen, shattered, fragmented, suppressed, or lost to us in some way. In this process we are becoming whole again.” from Cellular Release Therapy Workbook, Anne DeChenne Drucker, C.C.Ht.

Releasing and Clearing the original cause: Perspective: I saw a show on Nightline where a psychiatrist was getting excellent results doing hypnosis on clearing trauma and addictive behavior from his clients by working on what supposedly happened in their past lives. Prior to this, nothing he did gave his clients very little results. He felt that past lives, whether they exist or not, is really a metaphor or an inner challenge in a person’s subconscious mind. When he helped his clients meet this inner challenge with hypnosis, significant beneficial changes were made in their lives. I use Cellular Release Therapy and Alchemical Hypnotherapy, which are two very effective ways of achieving this.

Self Empowering and Clearing Therapies:

I teach one to three therapeutic approaches to help most of my clients release and clear upsetting feelings or beliefs that are triggered by life’s challenges. By spending only 7 to 30 minutes daily, these approaches will accelerate your self-transformation.

*  Sedona Method,  Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian System of healing, Effortless Living by Chris Payne from England, Psych-K developed by Rob Williams, Heart Math, Effortless Breathing- changing your brainwaves to Alpha, Theta, or Delta. Click on link for more info.

*   You can easily incorporate using these methods in your busy life because they can be done silently, By just using them for 7 to 30 minutes on a regular basis you will be surprised how easily they can dissolve the intensity of anxiety, depression, and impatience. These approaches are so important in helping clear stressful emotions. According to the AMA, two-thirds of all disease is directly related to stress.  Over time, these simple yet effective emotional clearing practices can help you access your limitless potential to be happier, more confident, peaceful, centered and have more abundance in your life.

“Cellular Release Therapy TM provides a way, in a single session, to clear experiences from many different lifetimes that may be contributing to a current condition or situation.”Ann Drucker

 Office and Online Skype. Facetime Sessions in Cellular Release  Effortless Hypnotherapy

Sessions available in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, San Rafael, CA and online Skype sessions. Online Skype Cellular Release Hypnotherapy sessions are just as effective as in one of my offices. Many of my clients find relaxing at home on a recliner or a sofa with their laptop or iphone is also conducive for experiencing the most from their Cellular Release session.

I work with the protocol as developed and trademarked by Anne DeChenne Drucker C.HT in my practice. At the present time, I am the only Hypnotherapist trained in Cellular Release Therapy by Anne Drucker in Santa Rosa and in Northern California.

Note: Cellular Release Therapy TM is an energetic, emotional and spiritual modality and it not intended in any way to replace professional medical or psychological diagnosis, advice or treatment. I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat any medical or psychological condition. Please feel free to consult your doctor or mental health professional. Testimonials are anecdotal and results vary.