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* Hypnotherapy may help solve the frustrating problem that over 80% of people who lose weight on diet or exercise programs regain weight they lost within three years. While diet and exercise are vitally important for maintaining one’s ideal weight, health, vitality, self-confidence, and appearance, they do not alleviate underlying stress.

* Dr. Bob Schwartz in his best selling book, Diets Don’t Work, addresses the reality that underlying stress is the reason why the pounds don’t melt off and stay off when a person diets and works out. My Hypnotherapy program is a effective tool for many for significant weight loss, and stress management.

Customized Hypnotherapy  Program for Weight Loss and Weight Mastery:  Helps Change your habits of emotional eating

* Approaches the challenge of  losing the weight you want with 4-10 hypnotherapy sessions  along with teaching you the Sedona Method to effortlessly dissolve stress, Psych-K to reprogram your subconscious mind, dissolve stress, feel great and Effortless Alpha Breathing Technique. (even 7-30 minutes a day of these simple yet very approaches will lower the impact of stress and change how you eat and feel).

  • * Free yourself from underlying causes of negative self and body images which consistently lead to eating the wrong type of foods and too much  with Hypnotic positive suggestions, beliefs and weight loss visualizations.
  • * Hypnosis and Alchemical Hypnotherapy helps resolves the emotions and sabotaging beliefs behind your weight gain and stress patterns by communicating directly with your subconscious mind  and guiding it to release and clear whatever is sabotaging your goals.
  • * Dissolve food cravings with Effortless Alpha Breathing.  Experience how wonderful it feels to control what you eat and how much you eat.
  • * Biofeedback device in your session ushers you into an alpha or theta state of calmness and receptivity which may help for effective long- term change.


  • * Individualized reprogramming of subconscious beliefs to support eating healthy, making healthy diet choices, improving relationships, confidence building, and supporting your exercise program.
  • * Healing unresolved subconscious trauma or lack of nurturing as an infant that may be sabotaging weight loss and your level of self- confidence.
  • * See (link) for more info on Hypnotherapy.

Beyond Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and Self-empowerment

  • * Learn how to effortlessly dissolve frustration, worry, depression, fears and unresolved traumas with the Sedona Method.
  • * Experience how to dissolve calories, dissolve stress and cellular fat while reprogramming your subconscious beliefs to support instead of sabotage you reaching your goals with Psych-K (optionally workouts on a mini-trampoline). I’ve had clients lose 50-80 pounds and feel and look great just doing this approach.
  • * Utilizing Cellular Release Therapy  for Weight Loss and Weight Mastery to release and clear effortlessly by the subconscious mind unresolved intense trauma, years of abuse, and sabotaging beliefs that consistently effect not only how you feel and interact with others but make it very difficult to lose weight.

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Robert Labensart, CHT, CMT, RYT   Certified Hypnotherapist since 1992.