Cellular Release Hypnotherapy Benefits:

  • Dissolving the Harmful Effects of Trauma – Self empowerment through your subconscious mind effortlessly releasing and clearing the intensity of emotions and dysfunctional beliefs
  • Dissolving habits and addictions
  • Clearing the underlying cause of weight and eating issues
  • Enable Weight Loss & Weight Mastery
  • Improving Relationships by dissolving roadblocks for effective communication and intimacy
  • Resolving issues of success/failure and freeing yourself from self-sabotage
  • Overcoming rejection, anxiety, phobias

Cellular Release Therapy allows for deep releasing and clearing of trauma, past pain, repressed memories and dysfunctional beliefs. This occurs through a series of questions and instructions spoken directly to the subconscious mind while the client is in a trance. The subconscious mind knows everything that has happened to us. It knows how to heal and effortlessly transform whatever traumatic experiences, upsetting feelings and sabotaging habits that you have.

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