HypnoMassage from a Certified Hypnotherapist
My system of HypnoMassage is a combination of massage therapy, Biofeedback and Polarity Therapy from Dr. Stone along with hypnotic suggestions for deepened relaxation and creating optimal health and well being. As touch is the core aspect of massage therapy, Hypno-massage unifies touch with guided visualizations and positive suggestions. This invites the client’s awareness to enhance the rejuvenating effects of profound relaxation and its continued beneficial effects in your day to day life. For many of my clients, the state of relaxed clarity helps dissolve tense and painful muscles. It also increases your core energy level and your ability to respond rather than react to stressful situations.

Is HypnoMassage the same as Hypnosis ?
It is very different from the practice of hypnosis. The Hypnotherapist evokes the trance state by giving a series of suggestions. In my system of HypnoMassage, I produce the trance state by giving a relaxing massage, visualizations and using my Biofeedback machine to create deep, lasting healing changes.

My Biofeedback device which was developed by Canadian psychologists gently shifts your brain waves to a relaxed alpha or theta state. This unique healing combination of approaches significantly accelerates the removal of toxins, boosting the circulatory and immune systems, muscle tone, digestion and vitality.