*Benefits – Yoga,  Meditation  & Qigong               Results vary

Helps Improves Health
Helps Relieves Stress
Helps Relieves Arthritis Pain
Increases Motivation
Helps Restore Youthful Flexibility
Helps Reverse the Aging Process
Helps Dissolves Pain
Strengthens Memory and Clarity
Helps Prevents Illness
Unfolds your limitless potential to experience
Promotes inner peace, clarity of mind,
Augments your vitality and health.

Invigorating And Relaxing Exercises

Yoga- Qigong Instruction

  • Explore how the contemplative approaches in Yoga and Qigong allow you to experience more inner tranquility, vitality and intuitive awareness in each moment
  • Aerobic Yoga from Tibet – a dynamic strengthening workout
  • Ashtaunga Yoga Practices
  • Learn how to use the different types of mind to dissolve pain or stiffness anywhere in your body- Qigong practice
  • Applying yoga and Qigong philosophy and meditation to life’s challenges
  • Qigong healing Postures for increased flexibility, longevity, inner peace, and cultivating vital energy.
  • Learn over 7 different breathing techniques to help clear stress, pain, while centering yourself and feeling more inner peace
  • Inner Smile Qigong practices
  • Learn the Tai Chi walk that may extend our life up to 12 years
  • Experience the peaceful and blissful transforming effects of Mantra in chanting, and meditation.
  • Learn Master Hong’s 24 Qigong therapeutic exercises. These simple yet very effective sitting exercises helps overcome energy blockages that are commonly related  health challenges people face in their life. By regular practice, they can have the same or more healing effects than regular acupuncture treatments.

Suggestion: Please bring comfortable clothes and an empty stomach to your individualized instruction class.


Instructor’s Bio:

Robert has been practicing daily Ashtaunga Yoga and meditation for over 30 years. Also, I have studied and practiced Qigong (also spelled Chi Kung) and Tai Chi for the last 12 years with Zhu Xilin, a Chinese Master trained by Master Shi Ming and Master Wang Pei Sheng (Tai Chi and Qigong Masters in China). His mastery of Qigong and Tai Chi for inner development, eliminating pain and reversing aging is amazing! I am also a nationally registered as a Yoga Teacher (500) with Yoga Alliance. From years of inner work, I have integrated both of these practices to create a very effective system of Yoga and Qigong practices. At the same time, I respectfully maintain the purity of these practices.


Zhu Xilin, my Qigong and Tai Chi Master Teacher

Qigong (pronounced chee kung), uses gently rhythmic movements, self massage, visualization, meditation, breathing, and intention to create a self-healing art that increases your life energy (chi or prana), dissolves stress as it slows down or reverses the aging process.

Qigong-Yoga Classes & Workshops – for heart-mind-body

Workshops – Please contact me if your Yoga studio is interested in a workshop or a series of classes experiencing this unique blend of Qigong Yoga practice.

Experience the integration of Qigong meditative awareness practices, Hypno-Yoga, and Aware Heart Yoga™ with your life-giving yoga practice!


  • Deeper Release of constriction, held emotion within the body
  • Increasing your energy or chi-prana base- more vitality, removes blockages and imbalances from the meridian energy system like acupuncture
  • Clearing anger, worry, fear, depression from your brain and your body
  • Aware Heart Yoga – Changing the quality of your heartbeat to flow with compassionate gratefulness instead of stress
  • Deepen your intuitive quiet playful interaction between your Soul/Higher Self and your body
  • Reversing aging
  • Explore how self-hypnosis can deepen your practice
  • Explore deeper states of inner peace and joyful silence more consistently
  • Dissolve resistance to feeling more joy, love, abundance, health, compassion
  • Being in the moment

Self-help techniques

Self-Polarity Therapy and acupressure techniques will help you to dissolve stiffness and pain while you’re doing yoga and Qigong practices. These simple hand positions will help you increase the healing that flows from your Yoga and Qigong practices.

I developed Hypno-yoga to help my clients release and clear current and unresolved emotional stress, experience profound states of relaxation, lose weight and keep it off, dissolve pain and become more vibrantly healthy. Hypno-Yoga Therapy comprehensively works with yoga and Qigong postures, hypnosis, mini-trampoline exercises to dissolve fact cells, exercise, and emotional release techniques.

*Weight Mastery:

Diets don’t work! Statistically people who lose a lot of weight will gain it back within 2-3 years. I have had many clients who in using Hypno-Yoga’s approach lose weight and keep it off. One of the significant reasons this has worked is that they released and cleared 7-30 minutes daily of current and unresolved emotional stress. Otherwise, stress can compromise our bodies natural ability to lose weight and stay at your ideal healthy weight. If you have any questions about this approach, please give me a call. Thank you.

Disclaimer: None of these therapeutic approaches treat or cure any health condition nor substitute for the need of professional medical intervention. Check with your medical provider first before using these approaches. The information provided here if for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Testimonies are anectodal only and do not represent what you may experience. Results vary. Check with your medical provider first before using these approaches.