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*Guardian Angel (comes with a hand acupuncture chart & carrying case)$159 US which includes shipping & handling  (prices are subject to change) Guardian Angel gives you the healing effects of acupuncture at your fingertips.  This gold-plated device has 300 spikes with which you can use to help your body dissolve pain and stimulate all the acupuncture meridians.  Dr. James indicated that if a person regularly used this in his 40’s or 50’s, he would lessen the chance of having many common ailments which people generally have as they age.  As a massage therapist, it has helped me everyday to clear the stress of the day from my hands and body.  Dr. Koryo, a medical doctor and acupuncturist, has found that every acupuncture point in the human body can be stimulated by working on your hands.  The Guardian Angel can easily stimulate every point within ten minutes.    Please email me your order: robertlabensart@gmail.com

  *Perkl-Light Portable Energy Spa$615. US which includes shipping & handling  (prices are subject to change) Feel yourself transformed by the energy of millions of Frequencies of Colored Light.  The Perkl-Light Portable Energy Spa projects millions of frequencies of colored light to balance and nourish all your meridians, organs, body systems and emotions while increasing your vitality. The Perkl-Light energy spa has built in specific waveforms of light to help your body heal more efficiently.  There are also simple ways to find out which specific frequency will help you, whether you are working at your computer, sleeping, or at any time.When you buy one from me, I will discount your next healing session by $30.  I will also e-mail you over 10 different ways to increase its healing effects which I have discovered while working with clients.

*Ankle Therapy$94.95 US list price – our price $89.95 (you save $5.00) which includes shipping & handling. (prices are subject to change)  The Ultimate Weight Loss Program, Ankle Therapy was developed by a Korean acupuncturist. It increases circulation to your feet, knees, hips, lower and upper back and helps eliminate pain.  Poor circulation of blood may lead to all kinds of illness!  Blood circulating freely keeps every cell healthy. Blood flows down to the legs and hands, but doesn’t necessarily flow up sufficiently in a troubled body. As a result, the accumulated waste matter brings illness and pain to the body.  It can also cause trouble with your liver, kidneys, pancreas, or intestines when it doesn’t properly return to these organs. For example, one of my clients, who had been dealing with knee and sciatica pain for years, found after only three sessions on it (3 minutes each time), that she had no pain for 5 days.

  *The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine®  Normally $489.95 US which includes shipping & handling – (prices are subject to change)  This original Chi machine is designed to release stress and pain from the entire body by gently moving it back and forth 144 times a minute. One doctor said she had seen that only ten minutes on it had the effects of one hour of lymph massage! The wondrous healing effects of working on the lymph system is seen in how it strengthens the immune system, deeply relaxes as it dissolves pain and stiffness throughout the body. My clients have found this healing machine very helpful when they have back and shoulder pain, sciatica, exhaustion from work and stress, sinusitis and coughs.     Please email robertlabensart@gmail.com your order.
  *E-Power High Frequency Negative Potential Energy Machine$659 US which includes shipping & handling  (prices are subject to change) Renew yourself, Dissolve Pain and Accumulated Stress as you reverse the effects of Aging while you’re sleeping!  The E-power machine (developed by Japanese scientists) has been used in major medical hospitals in Japan for over 20 years to help patients recover from surgery. Personally, my energy level is consistently 20 years younger just from using it daily.Scientists have measured in millivolts our cell’s production of energy or life force.  70-90 millivolts is a healthy youthful cell, 50 millivolts generally is the amount of energy in senior citizens, 15 millivolts represents significant health challenges and 0 millivolts is cell death.  The E-power machine vibrates every cell in your whole body 70,000 times a second charging every cell to a youthful 70 millivolts.  One study found it also increased the oxygen levels by 30%. The effects of increasing the oxygen level can be felt as it helps your body dissolve pain and increases memory. I also found that doing relaxing yoga and strenuous Qigong exercises with the E-power machine’s belt has significantly increased the measurable results from my workout. I accomplish more results with less soreness and fatigue. I have developed several different ways to enhance the E-power’s effectiveness, which I will freely share with you if you buy it. You can use the E-power while you’re sleeping or during the day. The E-power machine is an excellent preventative approach to help with many health challenges and in slowing down or reversing some of the effects of aging.*  Increased nerve regeneration (1998 University Gottingen)*  Capillaries receive more oxygen – up to 30% by study- Pargon &Peraira 1967)*  Activates Macrophages and T Cell (Study Carson 1990)
Electro-Reflex Energizer$459.95 US which includes shipping & handling (prices are subject to change) The Advanced Electro-Reflex Energizer helps reconnect damaged electrical circuits within the nervous system by stimulating it with the correct waveform, current and frequency.  When electrical resistance suppresses cellular signals, there can be pain in the body.  This device works on the feet, hands or any part of your body to restore the healthy flow of cellular electricity, which stimulates the healing process and eliminating soreness and pain.
Foot Therapy Pad$142 US which includes shipping & handling (prices are subject to change)  By walking on this pad for 20-60 minutes daily developed by a Korean acupuncturist, you stimulate the 72,000 nerves in your feet.  This will increase your metabolism, lymph flow and energy.  It also has helped clients lose excess weight.  My clients have found it easy to do this while talking on the phone or viewing television.
Bach Flower Homeopathic Remedies for Pain and Stress Relief:   One to five 30C Bach Flower Remedies in a 1 ounce bottle   $20 plus shipping and handling.  Bach Flower homeopathic remedies are an effective way that may help ease  fears, frustration, depression, anxiety, stress and pain. Dr. Bach’s flower remedies (flower essence) are found in almost every health food store in the U.S.  I have talked with hundreds of people these last 40 years who have had wonderful results from using them.

Please email me: robertlabensart@gmail.com with your questions and order.  One complimentary 20 minute consultation answering your questions about Bach Flower Remedies and you. After that, my  fee is $1. per minute.

Disclaimer: The information is for informational purposes only. Consult your medical doctor before use.  Bach Remedies do not substitute for medical advice and treatment  and do not heal, treat or cure any disease or pain. Results  do vary. Bach Remedies have not been evaluated by the FDA.  he information should not be considered compete and should not be used in place of a visit, call, consultation or advice of your physician or other health care provider. Testimonials are anecdotal. Should you have any health care-related questions, please call or see your physician or other health care provider . If you are under medical care of taking prescriptions, you should consult with your physician as to the impact of Bach Flower Homeopathic Remedies on your health. Thank you.