Testimonials from just a few of my many clients:

*“A unique constellation of body work, energy medicine and hypnotherapy”

I am David Quigley, the Creator of Alchemical Hypnotherapy. When my body needs healing, I go to Robert. In his work I find the widest variety of healing technologies of any practitionier I have ever met. Going well beyond the realm of Alchemical Hypnotherapy, of which he is a master. He provides a unique constellation of body work, energy medicine and hypnotherapy that makes his work uniquely powerful.”

David Quigley, Creator of Alchemical Hypnotherapy


*Significant relief from degenerative joint disease and scoliosis:

Having been diagnosed as a young child with degenerative joint disease and scoliosis, I have lived with pain all of my life. My mobility and pain increasing with activity and age resulting in becoming fully disabled and relying on pain medication just to perform daily activities.

Since working with Robert I have become more mobile, flexible with a lot less stiffness, soreness and a reduction in pain. His laboratory of alternative therapies has also raised my energy level. His dedication to healing and knowledge of variety of practices is limitless in assisting the body to heal itself. He not only provides the framework but educates his patient to co-create their return to wellness and keep the momentum going long after leaving his office.

My health, vitality and energy has returned and level of pain greatly diminished thanks to his efforts. My mobility has increased as well as my emotional and mental stamina. I feel very fortunate to have found his practice as I was scheduled for surgery and so far have been able to avoid it. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Nina V


*I have flown to California from Colorado for sessions with Robert

I began working with Robert about 25 years ago to address a number of chronic health issues. Robert is very professional, knowledgeable and intuitive. He continues to develop new techniques, and has a wide array of techniques and therapies to individualize a healing program for you.

Working with Robert has allowed me to experience healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual realms. I have flown to California from Colorado for sessions with Robert.

Susan M., Nurse, Denver, Colorado


* Sciatica pain Relief

“I was having so much pain and trouble with sciatica, I couldn’t walk. A friend recommended Robert and after 3 visits I was back to walking and have been fine ever since. It took only a few days.”

With aging, I have experienced many aches and pains and loss of energy.  I also have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee.  My profession as a sign language interpreter is very physically demanding and many people my age cannot continue due to physical injury.

Ellie Moore ,  78 years young


*Treat yourself to a session with Robert. It will be well worth your while

Having regular sessions with Robert has significantly helped my health.  I have less pain and more energy.  I have the confidence to continue in my profession because I know my hands and arms will be well taken care of.  Robert’s unique style of energy healing, massage, and combinations of a myriad of healing modalities is very effective.  One of my favorite machines that he has is the biofeedback machine with the addition of a cranio-sacral module.  It takes me to that blissful, healing, out-of-body place.  What a great feeling!  Robert also teaches me how to take care of my body and improve my health when I am not getting a session from him.

I am very impressed with Robert’s commitment to improving his craft.  He is always excited about learning new ideas and finding out about new innovations to improve your health.  Treat yourself to a session with Robert.  It will be well worth your while.

 Laurie J       Rohnert Park, CA  56 years old


*I would recommend Robert to anyone.

I’ve been guided and my health challenges have significantly diminished through Robert’s intuitive healing methods for over 15 years.  I have experienced that one of his gifts is to incorporate awareness into his healing sessions. For example, he helped free me from shoulder and neck pain and (with it) the emotional stress.  It was pain held not only in my shoulder and neck, but, also in my gut.  Additionally, he guided me during a phone session which cleared my wife’s Mal de debarquement syndrome.   He continuously reminds me that our aliments are related to “not being in the Present Moment”.  And, that I need to take responsibility of my mental choices and to have that Inner Smile.  I appreciate that he challenges me to be Who I AM… A spiritual being having a Human experience!  I would recommend Robert to anyone.

*My name is Jack Marshall.

After one session with Robert, which included but was not limited to, work for my menstrual cramps, I had one of the easiest, practically pain-free periods I have ever experienced in my 35  plus years of having my menstrual cycle;  i mean to say it radically improved.

*Ann Johnson

My migraine pain went away in only ten minutes after Robert briefly sprayed the quantum stylus water remedies on different acupuncture points!

Didi S.

*Disclaimer: Consult your medical doctor before use.  Bach Remedies and these “therapeutic modalities do not substitute for medical advice and treatment and do not heal, treat or cure any disease or pain. This information has been provided only for educational purposes only.  Results  do vary. Bach Remedies have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Testimonials are anecdotal. Thank you.