Therapeutic Benefits of Hi Dow Acu XP Micro Tens Unit – 

May help relieve pain and aches

Combined with Therapeutic Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

for only $59 for one hour Introductory Special in Santa Rosa, CA.

*This  Non Prescription  FDA approved 8 frequency Tens Unitmay may help relieve low back pain, shoulder and knee pain, sciatica,  plantar fasciititis and arthritis by consistent stimulation of nerves and contraction of muscles.

TENS Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation

“The Hi Dow XPV relieves pain and aches- muscular joint, ligament, neuralgia and arthritic conditions. When the massage is placed directly on the area of pain through regular contraction of the muscle of the diseased parts it can”

  • Accelerates microcirculation and promotes absorption of inflammatory substance while sending better nutrition to the injured tissues. *
  • Loose adhesion and ease joints. *
  • Relax muscle and relieve muscle spasm *
  • Increase the healing process from injury in the soft issues such as the muscle, ligament and tendons. *
  • Reduce fat caused by acute injury and chronic strain. Prevention of muscle atrophy *


Pregnant women and patients who have heart disease or epilepsy should be using the XPV. Pregnant women should not use the unit until in their last trimester.

This has been copied from the underlined blog below. Please read the blog to see how this tens unit helps your body release endorphins, while  increase blood circulation to the damaged area  through closing the gate to pain with electrical information.

Disclaimer: The information (techniques and approaches) in this blog is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Check with your medical provider first before using these approaches. None of these therapeutic approaches treat or cure any health condition nor substitute for the need of professional medical intervention. Testimonies are anecdotal only and do not represent what you may experience. Results do vary.