Migraine Relief-  Massage  Guardian Angel Acu-Therapy &

Quantum Stilus Water

Robert Labensart, CHT,CMT, RYT



*Two-week chronic migraine relief in only 10 minutes   (Natural Migraine Relief)

After giving a lecture at Whole Foods Market, a lady came to me in terrific pain from a 2-week migraine, which her meds didn’t help. I pressed, with her permission, on different acupuncture points on her hand and within 10 minutes the migraine was gone. Dr. Koryo, an M.D. and an acupuncturist discovered these acupuncture points.  I showed her how to treat herself if the migraine headaches came back. If you want to see if this approach will help please, call me to set up an appointment in one of my offices or for a Skype internet session.

Guardian Angel Acu-Therapy device  (Migraine Remedies)  Over many years I have found that by using the Guardian Angel Acu-Therapy device on your hand, shoulders and back of your neck that many times that was all that was needed to with the migraines. Many of my clients have bought the Guardian Angel so they can use it on themselves to help relieve their intense pain.

Guardian Angel Acu-therapy device

Complete relief from migraine headache in only  minutes  (Pain Relief)

One of my clients sprayed herself with 3 different quantum stilus remedies on her scalp, back of her head and neck, hands, feet, knees for 2 minutes. Her migraine was gone within 10 minutes.  Results do vary. See below for more info.

Migraine or headache relief with Hydrotherapy

Place your feet in hot water with Epsom salts (helps with soreness or pain in your muscles) and place cold ice packs on your forehead, back or top of your head. Heat on your feet will help draw the congestion in your head towards your feet. Cold usually feels great for certain types of headaches as it helps relieve the hyper-dilation of blood vessels in your head. If this approach increases the pain, discontinue immediately(usually doesn’t happens).. See how your body responds?

These are three (of many) different approaches, which my massage and hypnotherapy clients have found very successful in helping with migraine and headache relief.

Dissolving pain

Recently, I made a discovery about spraying the quantum stilus energized-water remedies.  When I sprayed quantum stilus remedies on many clients’ different acupuncture points and scalp, the energetic remedies help dissolve the intensity of pain. In most cases, the pain level decreased between 30-100%.  It was wonderful to see how much improvement there was in dissolving pain in the neck, shoulder, calves, quads, and lower back.  The results were heightened even more with massage, Polarity Therapy, Shiatsu and trigger point therapy on my clients. These are very helpful for: migraine pain, headache pain, pain relief, stress relief, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia relief, back pain, and shoulder pain.

 Specifics: I recommend using glass spray bottles. Spray the quantum stilus water on areas of pain: acupuncture points, hands, feet, and any joint of the body, the spine, and skull, face. Observe, be intuitive, and creative. Spray 1-5 times on each part of your body. Drink the remedies and use the Spray technique as needed. Results increase over time.

These remedies were designed by a Canadian scientist who is also Master herbalist specializing in Chinese Acupuncture herbs. More is less.

Results vary.

For more specifics about buying the quantum stilus water or the quantum stilus, check out my blogs on my website or contact me.

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If you’re interested, please email me (robertlabensart@gmail.com) or call me to set up an appointment to experience the Guardian Angel Acu-therapy device, the Quantum Stilus energy waters or how to work on your migraines with Dr. Koryo’s hand Acu-chart.

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